Tips to Save You Money at the Grocery Store

We’ve all seen how grocery prices have skyrocketed and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight. From eggs to milk, and bacon and cheese, we’re seeing price spikes of up to 30% and for those who live on strict budgets, it’s making it impossible to fill fridges and stomachs the way we used to. With tougher times ahead, there has to be ways to save. We’ve compiled our list of top tips to help you save some money on every grocery run. 

Make a shopping list

It’s easy to go over budget when you’re grabbing items you don’t need. Before heading out, compile a grocery list of all of your essentials to help you keep track of what you’re buying. Knowing ahead of time what ingredients you need for the recipes you will be making is essential to staying organized and within budget. 

Use Flipp to find the best price

Don’t miss out on getting the best price for your staples. Use the Flipp app to compare prices for your items to find the cheapest deal at your local grocery stores. If you already know what you’re looking to save on, you can even search and filter by in-store or online lines, so you can shop the way that’s most convenient for you. For those who love to plan, Flipp lets you filter deals by “preview” only so you can be the first to know what deals are coming up and where.

Stockpile when the price is right

When you find a good price for an item, make sure to stockpile. Non-perishable food items can be easily stored, and fresh fruits and vegetables can be frozen. This method will save you time and money in the future. For more stockpile tips, check out our post How to Build Your Money-Saving Stockpile

Shop at more than one store

Items are priced differently at different stores, shop around and use Flipp to see what’s on sale to help you plan your shopping route. 

Shop for store brands

Most grocery stores have their own house brands such as Great Value by Walmart and Kirkland by Costco. A lot of these products are made at the same facilities as the brand name products, so by buying these, you’ll enjoy the same quality at a lower cost. 

Buy less pre-prepared ingredients

Time is money. When buying that pre-grated cheese, you are saving time when cooking but essentially spending more money. Go for the cheaper option by buying whole foods, and avoid those extra added preservatives. The savings are worth it in the long run. 

Eat in season

Do some research on what’s in season and incorporate those ingredients into your next meal. They tend to be cheaper, more delicious, and have lots of recipe ideas online to inspire you.

Have a meal or snack before you go shopping

Never shop hungry. Throwing in those extra snacks into your cart can be a damaging temptation to your budget. Be prepared by satisfying your appetite to clear your head for your grocery excursion. 

Prepare meatless meals

With meat prices rising, try planning some vegetarian or vegan meals throughout your week instead. You’ll still get your protein intake, venture into a whole new world of cuisines, and save lots of money too.

Check drug stores, mini marts, and dollar stores

Sometimes you can find a great deal on staple items at drugstores, convenience stores, or even dollar stores. Check out our post, Stretch Your Dollar by Knowing What to Buy Where.  These stores may not be the first ones on your mind when you think about going grocery shopping, but don’t be afraid to venture out of your weekly routine to save a few extra dollars. With the Flipp app, you’ll know exactly where you need to go. 

Keep a price log

When buying your usual staples every week, make sure to write down prices in a price log to help you track the average cost and determine the best time to buy them. This way you can organize your shopping and track your spending. You can do this in Excel, a Google spreadsheet, an app on your phone, or even in a notebook. Do what works for you, listing out the prices, the date of that purchase, and the store. For a breakdown of items that are usually on sale each month, check out our post, 3 Easy Ways to Maximize on Grocery Deals. 

Collect points 

Join those loyalty programs at your local grocery stores and don’t forget to scan your card after each purchase. Over time, you’ll add up enough points to redeem for a discount on your purchase. Did you know that you can load your loyalty cards to the Flipp app, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting them at home? 
We can’t control the rising grocery prices, but these 12 tips will help you keep your next grocery haul under budget and organized. Don’t forget to download the Flipp app to plan your next grocery trip and find the best local deals to save money every week!

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