Digital Shopping List

One of Flipp app’s unique features is the digital Shopping List, where you can keep track of your deals and items in one convenient place. Your Shopping List on the Flipp app for iOS and Android makes grocery shopping as easy as possible, letting you add or “clip” items from flyers, straight to your list with minimal effort — and as of March 2024, we’ve added the most-requested feature, sharing shopping lists! 

Here’s everything you need to know about using Flipp’s digital Shopping List.

1. Clip deals straight from flyers, also known as circulars

When using Flipp to browse weekly flyers from your favorite stores, you might see a deal that you want to save or come back to later. You can circle or “clip” deals straight to your shopping list! This is show in a flyer with a yellow circle. The circled, or “clipped” items are then saved to your Shopping List.

Clippings on your digital Shopping List include information such as price and item valid dates to help you stay organized (hint-hint and to help you price match too). You can see your flyer clippings and other list items side-by-side, so you can stay organized and check things off as you go – no need to re-open a flyer to verify the details of a deal!

2. New! Share Shopping List with a friend

You asked, we listened! Flipp’s latest update to the Shopping List now gives you the ability to share your list with one other account. Why shop alone, when you can divide and conquer? Share your list with your friend, roommate, or partner to plan and save together. When shared, you will both have access to the same Shopping List, giving you a better way to coordinate your weekly shopping. 

Collaborating on a single list has never been easier. Here’s how:

  • Make sure you have the latest version of the Flipp app for iOS or Android installed on your phone.
  • Select the Lists tab and select the “Invite” icon (one person with a ‘+’) in the top right corner.
  • Sign into your Flipp account, share with an easy link, and combine your Shopping Lists so that you can both view and add items to it.
  • You can stop sharing your list at any time. To stop sharing lists, select the Lists tab and select the “Shared List” icon (two people) in the top-right corner and choose “Stop sharing.”

For more information about sharing Shopping List, visit our help center here.

3. Organize your list by store

The “My List” section automatically organizes your items by categories like Dairy, Meat, Bakery, and Household. Clippings from flyers/circulars are organized by store, but you can also add list items to store lists — so you don’t have to cross check what you’re buying and where to buy it. If you don’t have a specific retailer you want to shop at, you can use the “My List” section instead.

4. Purchase only what you need by selecting quantities

Do you need an extra carton of milk? Or a few less apples? In your digital Shopping List, you can adjust how much of each item you need. The quantity feature will help you shop smarter so you don’t forget anything or buy too much! It’s a simple update that makes all the difference.

Your experience using Flipp just got even better. Try out the improved digital Shopping list feature to help you keep track of your purchases. We are always looking for ways to bring users more great features and updates, so don’t forget to keep your app up-to-date to take advantage of the latest savings tool and other important enhancements. For more information on using the Shopping List on Flipp and how-to’s visit our Help Center article, How to Use the NEW Shopping List.

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