Spring Deals

Spring is here! As the sun stays out, the weather warms up, and flowers start to bloom, it’s time for a spring reset. Spring is the perfect time to get fresh produce, revamp and spring clean your home, and start a lovely garden. We are here to help! Flipp can help you find the best spring deals for your groceries, garden, and home. Here are a few tips to SPRING into savings this year.

Spring Deals on Groceries

Take advantage of the fresher produce and make some healthy meals. Some fruits that are currently in season include:

A few in season veggies include:

Check out Your Spring Guide To Shopping In Season for more tips and tricks. Make sure to check out Flipp for the best spring grocery deals of 2024.

Spring Cleaning Deals for Your Home

Whether you’re spring cleaning or revamping your home, there are spring deals a-plenty to help you save. During spring there are always deals on these household items:

Spring Cleaning 2024 Shopping List:

Spring is the best time to clean away the winter clutter and set up for the nice weather to come. Whether you’re decluttering and need new storage, washing your windows, cleaning your fridge, or getting rid of dust, get all your needs using Flipp.

Spring Cleaning 2024

This spring cleaning 2024 list will help you find the best spring deals of the year:

Tidying up and adding a few items to your home can help make your space light and fresh for spring. Here we have listed a few ideas for little spring touches to your home:

  • Indoor plants: Adding an indoor plant can help filter the air and add a touch of life to your space. 
  • Scented Candles: Adding a spring scent to your home can add a lovely floral touch and even boost your mood. 
  • Accent Pillows: Pillows are an easy item to change it by the season to add a spring touch.

Spring Deals for Your Garden

Spring  is the time to prep your garden. A good place to start is to checking a few of your local stores. For Canadians, Home Depot, Home Hardware, and Canadian Tire are our favorite options. For Americans, Home Depot, Lowes, and Ace Hardware are great options. Make sure to get all your necessities, whether that’s new pots for your indoor or outdoor plants, seeds, or equipment, take advantage of spring deals.

One major tip is to stay up to date with the latest flyers and coupons with Flipp. Compare prices at different home and grocery stores and to get the best deal.

We spoke to Flipp shopper, Laura, who bought a couple of new plants to revamp her apartment. “I am new to planting, so I needed a potting mix. I used Flipp to compare a few prices at stores near me and found the best price at Home Hardware.”

Spring Deals

If you’re spring cleaning, buying different produce, or nurturing your green thumb, make sure to save where you can! There are many ways to save this spring, but make sure to use Flipp to compare prices for your grocery, home, or garden needs.

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