The sun is out and we’re ready for a BBQ summer party! We have created this BBQ Shopping List to make your planning as easy as Flipp-ing a coin. Whether you’re planning a full-on cookout or keeping things simple with burgers and links, this comprehensive list has something for everyone.

This BBQ Shopping List contains proteins, toppings, sides, utensils/equipment, and some sweet treats to tie it all together. We’ve made it easy for you with Flipp — just click the link and discover where you can find these essentials on sale near you!

BBQ Proteins

Grilling proteins anyone? We gotchu!

Seafood? Why not! Remember to look these up on the Flipp app to compare prices.

Let’s spice up this BBQ Shopping List! Next we have…

Toppings: Sauces, Condiments & More

  • Sauces include ketchup, mustard, barbecue sauce, steak sauce, mayonnaise, tahini, salsa, chimichurri
  • Toppings include lettuce, onions, tomatoes, radishes, cheese, burger buns
  • Condiments include salt, pepper, chili, other seasonings

Veggies to Grill

Essential Items: Utensils, Tools & More

  • Grilling tools: spatula, tongs, grill fork, grill gloves
  • Cutlery: forks, knives, spoons
  • Grill brush and scraper
  • Plates and cups
  • Thermometer
  • Garbage bags or trash bags
  • Wipes or paper towels
  • Water
  • Fire extinguisher
  • First aid kit

Adding some sweetness to this BBQ Shopping List…


Prepare for summer fun with Flipp! Start planning your BBQ Shopping List now for unbeatable deals on all your essentials. Browse our app or website to find everything you need at the best prices. Don’t wait – start shopping today! 🌞🍔🥩

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