Knowing where to shop  for specific items is a great way to stretch your dollar. And with a bit of planning, you can save a ton of money. We’re sharing what to buy where in order to get the best value! 

What to Buy at the Dollar Store

Dollar stores like Dollar Tree and Dollar General provide great value and won’t break the bank. Here are some of our favorite items to check out. 

  • Small Quantity Products – If you want to try a new product without investing too much, then you’ve come to the right place. Most dollar stores offer mini versions of  almost everything. So, you can try and test to your heart’s content without feeling guilty about wasting money on things you might not like. 
  • Seasonal Decor – Not only are seasonal decorations affordable, but there is usually a large variety to choose from. Halloween props, Christmas decorations, Valentine’s Day crafts, whatever you’re looking for, they’ve got you covered. 
  • Party Supplies – When it comes to party supplies, items like disposable plates, wrapping paper, gift bags, and more are cheaper at the dollar store.  
  • Candles and Candle holders – A lot of places charge a pretty penny for candles, but at a dollar store you can find unbranded great quality candles with well-known scents for just a buck!
  • Greeting Cards – If you’re not careful, a greeting card can run you anywhere between $3-5 dollars at other stores. But at the dollar store, most cards are just $1, and sometimes, you’ll find them for two for $1. A great value! 

What to Buy at the Pharmacy or Drugstore

Pharmacies or drug stores are not just for medicine. They are a good place to get great deals on select products. 

  • Diapers – If you’re a new (or experienced) parent, you know this is something you need a lot of.  Most pharmacies and drugstores like Pharmasave and Shoppers Drug Mart  regularly have these on sale at any given time. Add diapers to your Watch List and let Flipp inform you when diapers are on sale next! 
  • Dairy and Eggs – Okay, we know this sounds like a long shot but if you swing by most drugstores you’ll likely save at least $1 on each of these products and you’ll almost always get a better deal than you will at the grocery store.
  • Dental Hygiene Products – Everyday necessities like toothpaste, toothbrushes, and mouthwash almost always have manufacturer coupons and you could even get them for under a dollar if you combine them with the right cash-back offers and shop at the right time. 
  • Shampoo and Conditioner – When it comes to shopping for shampoo and conditioner, the brand matters and the sales do, too. Pharmacies are a good place to buy them as you can take advantage of a larger selection along with some drugstore-exclusive brands.
  • Over-The-Counter Medicine – While prescription drugs are often cheaper at big-box stores, you can save on over-the-counter medicine by buying the store-brand versions at drugstores. By law, store brand products have to go through the same FDA-approval process as well known brand-name, so you get the product you need but for a much lower price.

A lot of pharmacies and drug stores also have loyalty programs, so don’t forget to sign up and save!

What to Buy at a Superstore or Big Box Store

When it comes to big box retailers like Walmart and Target, it’s always best to consider buying in bulk because that’s where the best savings and deals lie. So what exactly should you be buying in bulk? Some of the options below should help get you started:

  • Pet Food – Whether you’re a dog dad, cat mom, or bird lover, buying food for your furry friend in bulk is always a smart move. Just remember that this food is perishable. To avoid waste, calculate your pet’s average food intake. The extra money you save can go towards that cute little toy from the dollar store instead.  
  • Paper Towels and Toilet Paper – Paper products will never go bad and you’ll always have a need for them!  The savings will definitely add up over time.
  • School and Office Supplies – Back to school season can cause a dent in most parents’ wallets, so stocking up on things like folders, pencils, and notebooks will not only be cost-effective, but you can even save some extras for next year. 
  • Decorative Items – If you’re looking to spruce up your home without breaking the bank for things like a wall mirror, lamp or curtain rods, a big box store is your best bet. You’ll spend far less than you would at a department store or a designer boutique, and you can often get a similar look since stock is regularly rotated to reflect current trends.
  • Liquor – Some big retailers have partnerships with vineyards that award them deeply discounted prices for bulk purchases. That means you can save big on certain wines, beer and spirits selections that are on par with some of the finest restaurants and brewpubs. You will need to check local laws, but some stores even allow anyone of legal age to buy from them; cardholder or not.

What to Buy at the Grocery Store

Visiting your local grocery store or big chain grocers like Kroger and Sprouts always has its benefits. While shopping for groceries online has become increasingly popular, there is still a good reason to shop the old school way. Plus, who doesn’t love an excuse to walk around and pick up a few things you never knew you needed?

  • Fresh ProduceOne of the best places to get fresh fruits and vegetables is your local grocery store, as it will likely have a wider variety of produce in comparison to a big box store. 
  • Pantry Staples – You’re always going to need staples such as cereal, bread, fruit and pasta and you can be confident in knowing the grocery store will almost always have a good variety of the basics you need in one place. 
  • Generic Products – There are going to be a lot of items that you need whose quality doesn’t necessarily depend on the brand. Things like sugar or pepper hardly see a quality difference between brands. A store’s private label will usually be cheaper than its brand counterpart.
  • Prepared Items: Ready-to-eat dinners, snacks and desserts can be important time savers for the family and in most cases people prefer fresher items to frozen. Most grocery stores have a small deli section with yummy selections for very affordable prices. 
  • Kitchen Tools – You may buy these items less frequently than your pantry staples but whether it’s a pizza cutter, a slotted spoon, or a spatula, you can almost always find a good deal on kitchen tools at the grocery store. If you’re lucky some grocers even carry small appliances too. Make sure to check your local store before heading out to a specialty store.

Now that you know what to buy where, it’s time to hit the streets (by streets, we mean aisles) for the best deals around! Remember to check out the Flipp app to find out what’s on sale at your favorite stores near you.

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