Living in Toronto can be expensive, especially now that groceries are one the biggest weekly expenses. But the good news is that there are easy ways to reduce the amount of money you spend on groceries every week. By shopping at discount Toronto grocery stores, Torontonians can save at least 10% on groceries. So if you’ve ever caught yourself searching for “cheap grocery stores near me,” put your postal code into the Flipp app, and you’ll find weekly deals for all you need. Below, we have listed some major discount grocery stores in Toronto and compiled ways for you to save more money at each store.

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The Cheapest Grocery Stores in Toronto

Food Basics

Food Basics promises to offer more for less with a commitment to saving. Food Basics is known for its three promises, always great prices, to be always fresh, and always in stock. These promises mean there are great deals every single week, a commitment to freshness or your money back, and making sure advertised items are always in stock. Unfortunately, Food Basics does not price match, but their already low costs make them a strong contender for good savings. Food Basics has weekly flyer specials, which you can find on Flipp.


FreshCo is one of the cheapest Toronto grocery stores, committed to providing you with quality fresh foods at lower prices. FreshCo has three savings and satisfaction guarantees, a double fresh guarantee, lowest price guarantee, and in-stock guarantee. FreshCo promises that if you’re not happy with the freshness of your item, you can return it with a receipt within 14 days to get your item refunded. Another way they are committed to savings is by price matching! FreshCo price matches its competitors’ cheaper deals. Check out the complete FreshCo Price Match Policy. They also have weekly flyer features, which you can find here.

No Frills 

One way No Frills remains one of the cheaper Toronto grocery stores is by matching its competitors’ cheaper deals with its “Won’t Be Beat” program. Check out the complete No Frills Price Match Policy. They also have weekly flyer deals, which you can find here. No Frills is part of the PC Optimum loyalty program where you can earn points using your PC Optimum card. For all these reasons, No Frills is definitely one of the cheapest grocery stores in Toronto.

Real Canadian Superstore

Real Canadian Superstore is a Toronto grocery store that has multiple ways to super save. Not only do they provide cheaper no-name options but also offer club size (buy big, save big) options. Real Canadian Superstore price matches its competitors’ cheaper deals. Check out the complete Real Canadian Superstore Price Match Policy. They have weekly flyer features, which you can find here. Similar to No Frills, you can earn points at Real Canadian Superstore by purchasing with the PC Optimum card.


If you search for cheap grocery stores near me, Walmart will likely top the list – and for good reason! Walmart’s promise is, save money and live better. With this promise, Walmart delivers everyday low prices. Even though Walmart no longer price matches in Canada, they’re still considered one of the cheapest Toronto grocery stores, delivering great deals at low prices. One way they have increased their customers’ ability to save is with rewards earned through the Walmart Rewards Mastercard. Of course, Walmart Canada also has weekly flyer savings, which you can find here.

And there you have it! Although this list contains cheap Toronto grocery stores, many of these grocery stores are also located throughout Canada. To learn more about price matching, check out our posts Your Ultimate Guide to Price Matching and check out this list of stores that Price Match in Canada. Next time you are wondering about “cheap grocery stores near me” remember these five discounted grocery stores and use Flipp to save more.

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