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We know shopping can be expensive—but it doesn’t have to be that way. An effective way to save money on your next purchase is to price match. However, not all stores price match, and it can be difficult to find the ones that do. If you’re wondering “Does Superstore price match?” or do your other favourite stores price match, we at Flipp have the answer for you.

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Below is the list of all major stores in Canada that price match:

Electronics stores in Canada that price match

1. Best Buy

2. Staples

3. The Source

4. Visions Electronics

5. 2001 Audio Video

Grocery stores in Canada that price match

1. FreshCo

2. No Frills

3. Real Canadian Superstore

4. Giant Tiger

5. Maxi

6. IGA

For real examples of how to price match on groceries, check out our blog post, 7 Canadian Grocery Stores That Price Match in 2024 – Save on Groceries With Examples.

Home Improvement stores in Canada that price match

1. Bass Pro Shops

2. Canadian Appliance

3. Hart

4. Home Hardware

5. Linen Chest

6. Part Source

7. PetSmart

8. Rona

9. The Brick

10. The Home Depot

11. Leon’s

Price Matching Example #1 – Best Buy Canada

Here we are comparing two headphones for our friend Marley who bought them as a birthday gift and went to her closest electronics store, Best Buy. 

Knowing that Best Buy does price match on the same item within 30 days of purchase, I went through the Flipp app to look at different prices for the Sony LinkBuds Wireless Earbuds. 

Example of how to do price matching for electronics in Canada using Flipp

I found a few different prices but I did come across a nearby electronics store that sold the same earbuds for slightly less than Best Buy ($1.99 less). I let my friend know and educated them on the process of price matching at Best Buy so they could use it for their future purchases.

Price matching for electornics at Best Buy Canada

If Marley were to price match her earbuds at Best Buy here are the steps she would take: 

  1. After (within 30 days of) or before buying the earbuds, review the different prices for the desired item using Flipp. 
  2. If you find a lower price, make sure it is with another retailer, authorized dealer, or in the very same store. Save the clipping of the cheaper item. Make sure that both items are identical. 
  3. Show the clipping to cashier in-store at Best Buy and they will gladly match the price of your earbuds. If you’re price matching after the purchase, make sure to bring the receipt. 

Price Matching Example #2 – Home Hardware

Home Hardware has a PRICE MATCH PROMI$E to match a local competitor’s price for an identical item. The next time you shop at this store, have a look at the Home Hardware Flyer. Also, the complete Home Hardware Price Match Policy can be found here.

Flipper Irene shares her latest experience price matching at Home Hardware.

 “As an avid gardener, finding quality fertilizer at the best price is crucial for me. I use the Shake’n Feed from Miracle Grow.”

Example of price matching in Canada for home and garden items
Using Flipp to price match on fertilizer at Home Hardware Canada
  1. I went through Flipp to look at any prices from nearby hardware stores. Many stores, including Home Hardware, had the fertilizer on sale.
  2. There was another local hardware store that had a slightly cheaper deal for Shake’n Feed fertilizer for $17.99, but that store is a bit out of my way. I clipped it to my shopping list on Flipp anyway.
  3. I went to my local Home Hardware, my closet store, ready to price match. The sale price there was $18.67, so I went to the checkout and showed the cashier my clipped deal from the other local store.
  4. Thanks to Home Hardware’s price match promise, the cashier matched the price from the other store, saving me an additional $0.68 on top of the sale price. 

“I highly recommend taking advantage of their price matching policy for anyone seeking value and reliability in their gardening supplies.”

Whether you’re shopping for electronics, groceries, or home improvement supplies, Flipp has got you covered. From Best Buy to The Home Depot, find out where you can snag the best deals and how to make the most of each store’s price matching policy.

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