Does Costco Price Match

Does Costco price match? Unlike other retailers, there is no Costco price match policy, as they do not match competitors’s prices in the United States or Canada. However, they can provide a Costco price adjustment in certain circumstances. We’ve researched the rules for Costco price adjustment in the U.S. and Canada to help you plan ahead. Costco Wholesale stands out among retailers for its Membership Program and efficient inventory control. View the Costco deals flyer on Flipp and download the Flipp app to plan your next shopping trip!

Why Shop at a Costco Warehouse?

In addition to benefiting from the Costco price adjustment policy, Costco members can belong to one of three membership tiers which have the same price in the U.S. and Canada:

  • GOLD STAR MEMBERSHIP: Pay $60 per year to shop at any Costco warehouse. By shopping at Costco regularly, you earn back the money spent to join and more in savings. 
  • BUSINESS MEMBERSHIP: You pay $60 per year to shop at any Costco. Your purchases are for resale and must show Costco the appropriate resale information. 
  • EXECUTIVE MEMBERSHIP: You pay $120 per year for access to any Costco warehouse, but you also receive an annual 2% in reward on qualified Costco purchases, discounts on various services, and benefits on certain Costco travel products. 

If you shop a lot at Costco, Gold Star Executive may be the better option. If a Gold Star Executive member spends $3,000 at a Costco Warehouse in one year, Costco will pay them back half of their membership fee. Costco members can also purchase a reloadable Costco gift card, also known as a Shop card,  which can be used by non-members.

Pricing Tips to Save More at Costco?

Before we talk about the Costco price adjustment rules, you don’t want to miss this useful pricing trick. A little trick to remember is to look for sale items. Costco uses a specific lingo to show that their items are on sale. If items end in a double zero or end in .97 this is a sign that an item is on clearance. A fact to know is that most double zero items (.00) are for clothing and .97 is used for other items in store. 

Another helpful trick is if you find an asterisk. An asterisk on a price tag is how Costco tells you an item is limited. If you find a product price tag with an asterisk, this indicates that the item won’t be restocked — so if you really love it, be sure to stock up before it’s gone.

What is Costco’s Price Match Policy? 

There is no Costco price match policy or a price match guarantee because the company does not compare its prices to other stores.

Costco already tries to offer each Costco member a cheaper price than other stores. If you are interested in price matching, view our Ultimate Guide to Price Matching

While price matching at Costco may not be an option, they do have a Costco price adjustment policy!

Does Costco Make Price Adjustments?

Yes, they do, and we will explain what price adjustments are in case you’re not sure.

A Costco price adjustment occurs when an in-store or online shopper purchases from Costco Warehouse or, but the price drops after the purchase is made. 

Keep in mind that Costco usually lowers their prices in December, especially around the time of Black Friday, to compete with other retailers.

Costco Price Adjustment in the U.S.

A Costco price adjustment occurs when an in-store or online shopper purchases from Costco Warehouse or, but the price drops after the purchase is made.

Costco Price Adjustment Online:

For online purchases,, orders require completing a form. For purchases made within 30 days before a change in price (within applicable promotional item limits), if a price match is deemed acceptable, you receive the difference as a refund. does not price match Costco Warehouse prices. So unfortunately, you can’t buy an item online, and then request a price adjustment for an item that costs less in-store.

Costco Warehouse Price Adjustment:

The Costco price adjustment policy states that any item that goes on sale within 30 days of your purchase can be adjusted to the new price if you bring the receipt back to the same location where you made the purchase. For more information about Costco price adjustment in the U.S. read their policy here.

Costco Price Adjustment in Canada

Costco Price Adjustment Online for Canada:

Canada’s policy is similar. If the purchase was made online through within 30 days of a price change, Costco will give you a credit for the difference. To request a price adjustment online, find the form on the Costco Canada website here to submit a claim. Not included are promotional pricing and purchases at a warehouse location. The credit request will take 5-7 business days to process. Credits will be issued to the original method of payment. does not price match warehouse (or vice versa) or other retailers’ pricing.

Costco Price Adjustment in Warehouse for Canada:

Costco will honor price adjustment requests for in-warehouse purchases within 30 days from the date of purchase. The item has to be in stock at the Costco you are trying to adjust. Visit the membership counter inside your local Costco to discuss your request with a clerk.

Get the Best Costco Prices by Using Flipp

Now that you know the answer to “Does Costco price match?”, even though there is no Costco price matching policy, you now know that there is a Costco price adjustment! You can stay up to date on Costco’s deals and save money with 24/7 access to their flyer on Flipp. Whether you shop online or in-store, the Flipp app lets you browse for deals at any time.

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