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Black Friday is quickly approaching and you may be wondering what in-store shopping will look like this year and how you can prepare yourself for the NEW Black Friday shopping experience. 

Why might you want to shop in-store, you ask? Well, some retailers will be offering in-store only deals that you won’t want to miss. Maybe you want to save some money on shipping costs. Black Friday is all about savings after all. Or…maybe you simply can’t wait for your new purchase to arrive at your door. 

Our Chief Deals Officer, Nafisa Kassam, is here to provide you with the top tips for shopping in-store this Black Friday.

Tip #1 – Plan Ahead 

It’s crucial to know what is on sale and when. Especially now that Black Friday deals will be extended throughout the entire month. This is where Flipp comes in as your #1 tool for savings and deals! The Flipp app brings you thousands of weekly ad circulars, coupons and deals right to the palm of your hand so you can effectively plan your shopping trip ahead of time. 

These ads and circulars will also provide you with details on whether your desired purchase is available exclusively in-store, or if it’s also available online. Stay tuned for more Black Friday exclusives on the Flipp app, and be sure to check out our Black Friday carousel for the latest deals near you!

Tip #2 – Shop Early 

Black Friday deals are starting earlier than ever this year, and shoppers all over North America are already finding amazing deals on their top picks for this season. Be sure to regularly check your Flipp app, and keep an eye on those push notifications for when new Black Friday ads go live. The bottom line is, don’t wait until November 27th to start crossing items off of your list, or you’ll get stuck with Black Friday leftovers.

Don't wait until November 27th to start crossing items off your list, or you'll get stuck with Black Friday leftovers – Nafisa Kassam, Flipp Chief Deals Officer

Tip #3 – Shop Off-Peak Hours 

As we continue to prevent the spread of coronavirus, you will want to make sure you are shopping during off-peak hours to avoid the larger crowds and line ups. If you have the flexibility, try to plan your trips during quieter weekday mornings. Expect retailers to be enforcing capacity limits, orderly lines, and usual COVID-19 safety protocols, which brings us to our next tip. 

Tip #4 – Follow Safety Protocols In-Store 

In addition to varying safety regulations and protocols put in place by the retailer, when shopping in-store please follow the COVID-19 safety guidelines that you are now quite used to. Wear a mask that covers your mouth and nose. Keep a safe distance (6 feet) from other shoppers. Most importantly, be kind and show respect to those around you — fellow shoppers and store employees. This is no time to be pushing through crowds, fighting over items, or causing any additional mayhem or stress. Let’s all do our part to spread joy, be safe and look out for each other this Black Friday season. 

For more information on what to expect in-store from your favorite retailers, you can check out this article outlining Walmart’s Black Friday changes for COVID. 

If you’re going to be shopping online, check out our online shopping guide to make sure you’re getting the best deals. Remember to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more Black Friday tips and tricks.

We wish you the best of luck and jaw-dropping deals on your favorite items this Black Friday! Happy deal hunting!

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