For this week’s self-care Sunday, we have partnered with Certified Life & Mindset Coach, Carcia Campbell, to walk you through her 8-step guide to maintaining a positive mindset through all of life’s ups and downs.

Carcia Campbell is a certified mindset coach with Bright Mindset Coaching, who uses neuro linguistic programming techniques such as emotional freedom, TIME and clinical hypnotherapy techniques while coaching her clients. She is passionate about helping others remove obstacles in their life that are preventing them from achieving their goals and desires. Carcia believes that certain mindsets such as feeling stuck, confused, or unmotivated can really drain our energy.

In these unprecedented times, we could all use some advice on how to achieve a better mindset. Here are Carcia’s eight steps:

STEP 1: Live in gratitude

How can we do this?

Carcia recommends journaling as a way to express our gratitude. Set aside time every day to write down what you are grateful for, and try to come up with ten points per day, without putting too much thought into it. They can be big or small.

Make the journal your own, and express your feelings the best way that you can. Write using different colors, or maybe draw some pictures if you prefer to express yourself visually. If you’re looking to start journaling, you can find many options for stationary items such as journals or pens on Flipp.

STEP 2: Acknowledge your feelings

How can we do this?

As soon as you wake up, record how you are feeling at that exact moment (ex: exhausted, energized, anxious, etc.). Try to do this daily to gauge any patterns in your feelings and evaluate how to improve your daily routine. What needs to change? What boundaries can you set in your life to change or maintain certain patterns?

STEP 3: Tap into your feelings

We all carry negative energy at times, that’s just part of being human. The first step to feeling better is to acknowledge our negative emotions, and allow that negative energy to flow through and out of our body.

How can we do this?

Carcia recommends participating in body scan meditations, one being the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), which has also been referred to as psychological acupressure. EFT focuses on energy hot spots to restore balance to your body’s energy.

Check out Carcia’s video below to learn how to implement EFT as a way to tap into your feelings.

STEP 4: Make time for mindful & physical activities

Why should you make time for your mind and body? When you move, the negative energy flows and moves with you, allowing you to feel better.

How can we do this?

Practice any physical activities that work for you. A few examples are yoga, meditation, or going for a walk in nature.

We know that many gyms continue to be closed, so if you’re in need of at-home fitness equipment or gear, check out the Flipp app for some local deals.

STEP 5: Think about your values

How can we do this?

Sit down and take some time to write down your values. Examples of this can be honesty, family, adventure, consistency, etc. Take a look at your values and ask yourself, are you living life according to your values? Are you living with a purpose? Think about what changes you can make in order to live within your values and purpose.

STEP 6: Avoid control & fear

How can we do this?

Control is a sign that you are fearful of the outcome. Living in fear causes low-vibration energy, which makes your body run in constant stress and survival mode. Learn to trust your intuition, and acknowledge that you can’t always control everything around you.

STEP 7: Set boundaries

Boundaries let your unconscious mind know that you are of worth and value. Many of us let down our boundaries out of fear of not pleasing others, but this can do us more harm than good. Learn to set boundaries for your own health and wellbeing.

How can we do this?

Learn the art of saying no. First, consider the consequences of not saying no, and be aware of what will happen if you are not being true to yourself when saying yes. If saying no is the correct answer for you, be firm and do not apologize. Keep your answer brief and do not dwell on excuses.

STEP 8: Invest in yourself

Our unconscious minds are constantly taking in information. Think of your unconscious mind as a sponge. That’s why it’s important to invest in yourself with rich and meaningful content that your mind can absorb and utilize to help you feel better.

How can we do this?

Read and watch rich content. For example, watching documentaries or reading books about causes that interest you and that help you become a more informed, contributing member of society.

Carcia also recommends making the time to visualize. Visualize what you want in your life, and fill your mind with positive images and thoughts. This will help you understand how to move forward toward the life you envision for yourself.

Last but not least is to fill your mind with goodness. Try to avoid negative thoughts and energies such as gossip or jealousy, and make space for love, joy, and gratitude instead.

Carcia explains it all in the video

For more information on Carcia Campbell, Bright Mindset Coaching, and how you can personally work with her, check out the following pages:

Thank you Carcia, for sharing your 8 steps to maintaining a positive mindset for this week’s edition of self-care Sunday!

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