Whether you love it or not, the colder months have arrived, and some of us have already seen our first snowfall of the season. With that said, spending more time inside is unavoidable. That’s why we’ve rounded up our top 20 products that will keep you cozy, healthy, and happy all winter long. Best of all, these products are super affordable and many of them can even be found on sale on Flipp. Open your app to do a quick search or simply click the links below. Make yourself comfortable!

1. Vitamins

Winter comes with increased strain on the immune system. That’s why it’s very important to supplement your diet with vitamins that are recommended by your healthcare provider. If you live in the northern hemisphere, sunshine will be scarce, so Vitamin D supplements are usually recommended to help you meet your daily requirement. Check out the pharmacy section on Flipp to find deals on vitamins.

2. Moisturizer

Don’t let cold air get the best of your beautiful skin! From hand cream, to face lotion, and body butter, be sure to cover all the bases with a good moisturizer.  

3. Humidifier

Cold winter air can be hard on your skin, nose, and throat. Combat the winter dryness with a humidifier. These come in all shapes, sizes, and budgets, so finding the right one for you is easy.

4. Portable Heater

If wearing multiple layers is just not cutting it, a personal-sized portable heater will do the trick. You can even find small desktop versions to keep you warm while you work away at your desk.

5. Throw Blankets

You can never have too many blankets. Stop playing tug-of-war with the blanket and make sure you have enough for everyone to be toasty and cozy.

6. HappyLight

We recommend this one every year, and for good reason. Dark, cold days make it harder to focus, which is why a HappyLight will be a great addition to your home. It will boost energy, improve your mood, and help you focus. 

7. Leggings, Sweats, and Pajamas

Let’s be real. If you’re going to be cozying it up at home, this is what you’ll be wearing all day every day. Make sure you have enough comfortable pairs of leggings, sweats, and pajamas to make it through the next few months.

8. Fluffy Slippers

See a pattern here? Winter essentials are all about being comfortable, and a pair of good slippers will complete your at-home cozy look.

9. String Lights

The more lights you have in your home, the better. And if you want to create the perfect, cozy atmosphere, you need some twinkling string lights. Luckily, it’s the holiday season, so many retailers will have lots of options to choose from.

10. Scented Candles

There’s nothing like some mood-boosting aromatherapy, and scented candles really get the job done. 

11. Essential Oils Diffuser

Want your home to smell like peppermint but not a fan of candles? An essential oil diffuser is a great alternative. With so many essences to choose from, you can effortlessly set the tone for your day — calming camomile or energizing citrus? You decide.

12. Comforter Set and Duvet Set

Don’t forget to switch up your bedding for winter. If you don’t already have warm bedding, check out deals on Flipp for fluffy comforter sets and duvets

13. Backrest Pillow

Planning to spend a lot of time chilling in bed? Make sure you have the proper back support for working, reading, whatever you desire, with a backrest pillow

14. Google Chromecast

If a new Smart TV is not in the budget for this year, don’t worry. The Google Chromecast is the most affordable way to transform your ordinary TV into a Smart TV. You’re going to love the convenience of this for your winter movie marathons.

15. Sofa Caddy/Armchair Caddy

Set up camp on your couch with a sofa caddy that will keep all your remotes and devices organized and within arm’s reach while you sit back and enjoy some well-served downtime. 

16. Slow Cooker

Winter is prime time for soups, stews, and saucy dishes. Make your favorites with ease with a slow cooker.

17. Pressure Cooker

Save time in the kitchen with a pressure cooker. If you’ll be hosting this season, you’ll love the speed and ease of this appliance. You can also use your pressure cooker to make your everyday items, such as chicken and fish, in under ten minutes.

18. Mug Warmer

Tired of lukewarm drinks? If your drinks cool off way too fast for your liking, a mug warmer will do the trick. It’s essentially a mug-sized hot plate that will keep your drinks at the right temperature until the very last sip.

19. Electric Kettle

Speaking of warm drinks, if you’re a big coffee, tea, or hot cocoa drinker during the winter, speed up your drink preparation process with an electric kettle

20. Bakeware Set

What is it about cold weather that makes you want to indulge in baked goods? Whatever it is, make sure you’re prepared to satisfy your cravings with the proper supplies. Let your inner baker shine with a bakeware essentials set that includes everything you’ll need.

The winter months can be cold and draining but these essentials will hopefully help to brighten your day. What other essentials do you recommend for these chilly months? Leave a comment below!

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