Working out and getting fit doesn’t always come cheap, but we have some simple tips to make it easier on your wallet. Focus on your goals and worry less about your finances with these fitness accessories and workout recommendations — all on a budget. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get fit!

Fitness Accessories
  1. Exercise Bands
    There are two types of exercise bands: long and short. The shorter ones are often used for lower body workouts and some upper body, while the longer ones are good for full body exercises. These are a great portable option in place of weights. Figure out which one would work best for your needs and go for it.
  1. Workout Timer
    A workout timer is handy for circuit training, like HIIT or Tabata. You don’t even need to buy one of these — if you have space on your phone, you can download an app and create your own timers customized to whatever workouts you choose to do. If you don’t have space on your phone for another app, you can also access multiple timers online.
  2. Jump Rope
    Skipping rope is often discounted as a children’s playtime exercise, but it is an incredibly efficient cardio workout, and the rope itself takes up very little space. Jump ropes are also cheap and easy to find in stores and online, making them the perfect piece of budget fitness equipment.
  3. Exercise Mat
    Many at-home exercises don’t require a mat, but if you’re doing yoga, pilates, and some forms of HIIT, you might need one. If the workouts you do call for lying down or kneeling on the floor, you might want to consider an exercise mat to protect your joints.
  4. Fitness Journal
    If you love staying motivated by tracking your progress, fitness journals are a great way to document your journey. Once you start exercising, you’ll wish you had a record to look back on for reference. You can track what exercises you’re doing for how long, and even include pictures of your progress if you’d like.
Classes & Workouts
  1. Trial Classes and Events
    If you’re someone who likes to bounce around and try out different types of activities to keep you interested and motivated, check out Facebook or Eventbrite for different free classes. Studios and gyms often offer a trial class to let potential customers try out their services before signing up, so you can find all sorts of class offerings both online and in person. Safety first: anyone can create an event online, so make sure to do your research and make sure it is safe before going.
  2. YouTube Workouts
    If you’re someone who can stay motivated and moving on your own, you don’t need to sign up for a class at all! YouTube has thousands of free full workout videos from certified instructors to follow along with, so just pick one! Here are a few of our favorite YouTube fitness instructors to help get you started:   
  • Yoga with Adrienne is one of the most popular yogis on YouTube, with numerous yoga flows and playlists to follow along with. Her videos are categorized in playlists from under 10 minutes, to 20-30 minutes or more depending on what suits your needs.
  • Blogilates makes for great workouts for those looking to tone up and incorporate a little bit of movement into their every day, with plenty of free weekly and monthly workout schedules. Cassey Ho’s cheerful personality and motivating words will help anyone fly through one of her workouts. 
  • Chloe Ting gained immense popularity over the pandemic, and for good reason. She has clear, easy-to-follow routines in her videos that require little to no equipment. Her followers have seen incredible results and her workouts are great for anyone looking to build lean muscle.
  1. Local Classes

Check out Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist for local exercise classes offered by new teachers who are just starting out or student teachers trying to gain more experience. These classes are often held by certified instructors or overseen by one but are offered at lower, discounted prices. As always, make sure to do your due diligence before attending classes found online.

  1. Workout Apps
    There are so many workout apps out there to choose from, both paid and free. The trick is consistency though, so pick an app with exercises that interest and motivate you. Also look for things like daily notification abilities, amount of free workouts, and ads — if those annoy you, you definitely don’t want them interrupting your 10-minute calming yoga flow!
  2. Low-Cost Gym
    Gyms with no frills have been popping up more and more these days, so there are plenty for you to pick from. These gyms can have memberships ranging from $10-30 a month. Your local YMCA is also worth checking out for discount plans.

Starting your fitness journey doesn’t have to be expensive. With these low-cost tips, you can work towards your goals and stay within budget. The most important part is finding something that you enjoy doing and staying consistent.

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