Fall Decorating Ideas That Don’t Break the Bank

The days are getting cooler, leaves are changing color, and pumpkin spice is everywhere. Fall is officially here! We’re excited for all the amazing holidays that take place this season, so in order to prepare for the fun times ahead, we’re starting off with some fresh decorations. Follow these tips and simple swaps to give your home an autumn glow-up without breaking your budget.

1. Choose the right colors

Choose the right colors

Nothing says fall more than warm, earthy colors and tones. If you want to make an instant change to your home decor, the easiest thing you can do is swap out accessories like throw pillowsblankets, and table cloths.

Home & garden stores will have loads of fall-themed accessories available, so be sure to check out the latest deals on the Flipp app. Look for accessories that are orange, yellow, red, and green to achieve that classic autumn vibe. For a more neutral look, earthy tones of brown and yellow will do the trick.

2. Embrace greenery, foliage, and flowers

Fall is all about the changing colors of nature, so it’s only fitting that you decorate larger spaces of your house with flower arrangements and greenery. If potted flowers are too much upkeep, you can get creative with faux flowers and shrubs from your local dollar store. Dollar Tree is a great place for everything you’ll need, including flowers, vases, ribbons, and more.

3. Incorporate rustic accessories

The industrial/modern farmhouse look is extremely popular for fall decorating, and it’s easy to see why. It’s warm, cozy, and affordable if you D.I.Y.

You’ll notice a lot of dark tone woods being used for furniture, and dark metal accents like vases, lamps, and candleholders. These dark pieces in contrast with your bright orange and yellow decorations will make any room in your home look like it’s right out of a magazine.

4. Bring in fall aromas

Getting your home ready for fall is not only about the aesthetic. The fall aromas are just as important if you want to fully transform your home. You’ll be surprised by how different a room can feel by simply lighting a scented candle or diffusing some essential oils. It’s no mystery why we get so excited when all our favorite fall-scented products hit store shelves.

5. Decorate your porch

Decorate your porch

Your porch and front door are the first things you’ll see when walking into your home, so it’s easy to see why so many of us start outside and work our way in. For some inspiration, check out this Insta-perfect porch decor from one of our team members, Christina McNally.

We’ve broken it down to a few key elements that will make a huge difference.

  • First off, pumpkins. They’re in-season, which means they’re cheap and widely available.
  • Next, flowers. You can make your own bouquets with faux plants and items from the dollar store. Use metal buckets or wooden crates as your flower vases, and fill them with hay if you want to achieve that rustic look we talked about earlier.
  • Add some string lights and lanterns to illuminate your decorations, as it will start getting darker earlier.
  • Finally, decorate your door with a beautiful fall wreath, and complete the look with a doormat.

6. Kitchen Makeover

Swapping a few kitchen items to their fall-themed counterparts can make a huge difference. For a quick transformation, replace your kitchen towelsoven mitts, and placemats. If you want something a little more elaborate, a table centerpiece will go a long way.

7. D.I.Y. centerpiece

D.I.Y. Centerpiece

Centerpieces are where you can get your creative juices flowing. Fill a glass vase with different color gourds, or make use of acorns and pinecones along with some wheat sprays and flowers. If you love candles, decorate several candle holders and make those your centerpiece. Anything goes! Check out our DIY fall decoration video to see how we made two different centerpieces we think you’ll love.

We hope that these ideas have gotten you excited for fall, and that they have inspired you to try your hand at some DIY decorating. Don’t forget to share your decor pics with us by tagging us @getflipp on Instagram and Facebook. Happy decorating!

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