There’s no way to fast-forward to spring, but there are many ways to enjoy this season with affordable activities that are fun for everyone involved! Here are 10 ideas that are sure to help bring a smile to your face during this cold, gloomy season. 

De-stress with an at home spa day

The chilly air can leave your skin drier than usual, so why not take some time to relax and have a well-deserved moment for yourself. Hydrate and soothe your skin with a DIY face mask, bath bombs, and more using simple ingredients that you probably already have in your pantry, like oats! For some inspiration, here are 8 oatmeal mask recipes by Mind Body Green, and a guide to oat baths by Health Line

Bake some delicious treats

Winter baking is a whole new area to discover, and the perfect treat is banana bread; a classic loved by all. This soft and moist dessert uses simple staple ingredients and can be made to meet any diet restriction. Here is an easy banana bread recipe from Preppy Kitchen that everyone is sure to love. 

Start a creative hobby

Tap into your creative side this season while keeping warm inside by starting a hobby such as knitting, painting, or reading.

Make your favorite holiday café order at home

We all have our go-to drinks at our favorite café, but those $6 lattes are starting to add up! Try making your own version right at home with affordable and simple recipes to warm up your mornings. It’s easy and satisfying. If you’re feeling adventurous, we recommend these coffee recipes from around the world. If you’re more of a hot chocolate lover, you’re going to love these hot chocolate recipes that will keep you warm.

Have a weekly movie night

Watch your favorite winter movie (or movies!) to get into the coziest mood. Have a different family member or friend choose a movie every night to enjoy. Now’s the time to catch up on your watch list, and don’t forget the snacks — treat yourself! 

Clean out your space

You’ve heard of ‘spring cleaning’ but have you heard of ‘winter cleaning’? If the gloomy weather is bringing you down and making you lazy, decluttering your space will leave you feeling centered and clear-headed. Having an organized space helps promote focus and productivity, so if you’re feeling stuck, this is one way to get back on track. Get your cleaning out of the way now, and you’ll have more time to enjoy yourself outdoors by the time spring comes around.

See the seasonal installations around your city

You don’t have to go far to try some unique experiences. If your local health measures allow it, visit your local art gallery or museum to see the seasonal displays and exhibits. Museums like to keep things fresh, so there’s always something new to see even if you’ve already visited them before. Plus, if you are a student, senior, or young adult, a lot of places have free admission or special discounts. 

Visit your local ice skating rink

Before they close for the season, go to your local skating rink where you can rent skates for as low as $5, or bring your own and skate for free. 

Embrace your inner child by sledding

Enjoy the snow by reviving your inner child. The best part of this activity is that you don’t need to buy an expensive sled. Household items such as baking sheets, trash can lids, and cardboard boxes make great DIY sleds. 

Take a scenic drive

There’s a timeless beauty to winter that’s only here for a limited time, so why not take a drive through the city to the rural areas and take in the wide land and evergreen trees. 

Whether you love getting outside to enjoy the weather or staying inside to avoid it, these 10 activities will help you to make the most of the season without having to worry about overspending post the holidays’ splurge. 

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