With warmer weather and longer days already here, now’s the time to soak up the sun outdoors, enjoying a BBQ meal and ice cold drinks. If you want to make your outdoor space as comfortable and inviting as can be but don’t want to spend a fortune on renovations, we’ve got you! We analyzed hundreds of catalogs and guides from Flipp to identify seven budget-friendly tips to help you transform your patio, deck, or balcony into your favorite summer hangout. 

1. Mix classic with modern

Already have a patio set but feel that it’s a bit outdated or simply not you? The good news is that classic pieces are back in style, specifically when paired with modern accents and decor pieces. You don’t necessarily have to buy a brand new patio set to modernize your space. By adding an outdoor rug, pillows, and new light fixtures like lanterns, you can give your space a facelift without breaking the bank.

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2. Add shade for al fresco dining

Dining al fresco is one of the most sought-after summer experiences, but eating directly under the scorching sun may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Take advantage of your outdoor space to the max by adding shade with a patio umbrella that can keep everyone protected.

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3. Create a cozy nook

Awning and gazebos can be pricey, so why not combine your seating and shading needs with a two-in-one canopy loveseat? This conversation set comes with a matching coffee table and a cushiony bench to create a cozy, shaded spot for you and your friends.

Photo from The Brick

4. Maximize your small space

Having a small balcony or porch doesn’t mean that you can’t customize or make your space feel homey. A collapsable balcony railing table and folding chairs will save you space so you can enjoy it to the max. For additional embellishment, we recommend deck tiles that you can easily snap together and take apart if you decide to move.

Photo from The Home Depot Canada

5. Pair neutrals with pops of color

Most patio sets, and furniture in general, come in neutral colors. If you’d like to give your outdoor space a pop of color, we recommend adding accessories that focus on a maximum of three colors. This will help your space look lively and bright, but not cluttered and disjointed. Look for outdoor rugs, cushions, and dinnerware to build out your color scheme.

Photo from The Brick

6. Embellish with plants

Plants are an inexpensive way to fill up awkward spaces and bring life into any space. Try experimenting with different styles of planters and don’t be afraid to get creative with it. For example, you can paint an old tin can and create a new home for your plant baby. Mix it up with various types of plants or try your hand at your own herb garden! 

7. Bring on the boho vibes with string lights

The term “boho” is associated with a style that is unconventional, artistic, and casual. It typically involves a mix of natural elements and many colors, patterns, or textures to create a cozy feeling. At nighttime, you can amp up the coziness factor and add a whimsical element to your outdoor space with string lights. These are inexpensive, come in many styles, and really help set the mood.

With these seven simple tips, you can start creating an outdoor space you’re proud of. If you’re looking for more budget-friendly items and inspiration for your home, visit the Flipp app for the best deals in your area.

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