You don’t have to give up your favourite products in order to keep your shopping bills low. You can save money when you shop at Shoppers Drug Mart by using the latest weekly Shoppers Drug Mart flyer, which we’ve included below (click on the image). We have also included some handy money-saving tips to help you save even more the next time you go shopping.

Tips to Save Money at Shoppers Drug Mart

1. Check their Flyer Every Week

Most stores release their new weekly flyer every Thursday. In fact, using Flipp, you can often view their deals on Wednesday in the “Upcoming” section to help you plan your shopping trip.

A convenient way to save money on groceries is to check weekly offers before going to the store. By browsing items on sale, you can plan what to buy ahead of time and may even choose to stock up on certain low price items that you frequently use. Make sure the next time you go to Shoppers Drug Mart, you take advantage of their best deals!

2. Buy Based on Value

Usually, it is cheaper to purchase large packages of products. You should always try to compare the price of a single portion with a bulkier package. Do so by dividing the total price over the quantity. Make an informed choice about what provides better value.

3. Make a Shopping List

It can be difficult remembering all the items you need to buy and it is very easy to make impulse purchases while shopping. Making a shopping list can help you focus on what you actually need, saving you both time and money. Use Flipp to browse Shoppers Drug Mart deals and add items to your in-app shopping list right from their digital flyer!

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