Grocery shopping habits have been changing to meet rising food prices. To save money, you can find what is on sale by browsing the Farm Boy flyer before shopping. You will find this week’s best offers at Farm Boy, which can help you cut your groceries costs significantly. We have also listed other money-saving tips to help you stay on budget the next time you go grocery shopping.

Tips to Save Money at Farm Boy

1. Check their Flyer Every Week

Most stores release their new weekly flyer every Thursday. In fact, using Flipp, you can often view their deals on Wednesday in the “Upcoming” section to help you plan your shopping trip.

A convenient way to save money on groceries is to check weekly offers before going to the store. By browsing items on sale, you can plan your meals for the week ahead. You may even choose to stock up on certain low price items that you frequently use and have a longer shelf life. Make sure the next time you go to Farm Boy, you take advantage of their best deals!

2. Make a Shopping List

It can be difficult remembering all the items you need to buy and it is very easy to place additional products impulsively into your cart while shopping. Planning your meals ahead of time and making a shopping list can help you focus on what you actually need, saving you both time and money. Use Flipp to browse Farm Boy’s deals and add items to your in-app shopping list right from their digital flyer!

3. Buy Seasonal Produce 

Fruits and vegetables that are in season are often supplied by local farmers at the time they were harvested, making them more accessible and less expensive – but always check the label to see where the product is from.

Seasonal produce is not only fresher, tastier and more nutritious, but also cheaper! Shopping for in season produce can help you eat more local, maintain a healthy diet and stay on budget. You can check the seasonal produce in Ontario here. In order to have local produce (such as berries) on hand all year round, you can buy in bulk during the summer months and freeze quantities over the winter.

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