Although Food Basics is the discount banner of Metro Ontario, they do not price match. If you are looking for major grocery stores that price match, you can find the list here.

However, Food Basics does offer competitive pricing on produce, meat and other packaged goods. Their prices are similar to what is offered at competing stores such as No Frills and Walmart.

If you shop at Food Basics, you don’t have to worry about the fact that they don’t price match. We have compiled a handy list of pro-tips to help you save when you shop there next.

Tips to help you save at Food Basics

1. Check and use the Food Basics flyer.

Food Basics releases a new weekly flyer every Thursday. You can do so on Flipp. Their flyer contains hundreds of deals on produce, meats, packaged goods and more. In addition, their flyer also provides details on any special savings events at Food Basics that week.

Food Basics Flyer

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2. Shop during Food Basics saving events.

Food Basics has regular shopping events such as WOWZA and their Big Brands Savings Event. You will find many great deals by taking advantage of these savings events. Consider stocking up on sale items that you frequently use while these events are happening.

3. Make a Shopping List.

It can be difficult remembering all the items you need to buy and it is easy to make impulse purchases while shopping. Making a shopping list will help you focus on what you actually need, saving you both time and money. Use Flipp to browse Food Basics’ deals then add items to your in-app shopping list right from their digital flyer!

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