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Groceries are getting expensive. Based on Canada’s Food Price Report for 2022, products like vegetables are seeing especially large spikes this year. You may be wondering how to find the cheapest grocery prices near you.

We’re here to help! In this blog, we will dive into five easy ways to save on food at Canadian grocery stores.

Let’s get started.

Browse weekly to find the cheapest grocery prices in flyers.

View digital flyers in the palm of your hands by downloading an app like Flipp. Free to download on iOS, Android, or available to use online, Flipp provides shoppers with access to thousands of grocery deals, the ability to search for specific products, and other helpful tools such as an online shopping list builder using items from flyers or what you write in yourself. Stay on top of weekly flyers to find the cheapest grocery prices and significantly reduce your grocery bill.

Price match to find the best offer.

Use Flipp’s search tool to explore the prices of specific products at stores near you. If you choose to shop at a store that offers price matching, Flipp can be used to show the cashier the lower price in the competing retailer’s flyer.

*Pro tip for price matching – A little prep goes a long way. Take a few minutes to organize the prices you’d like to match in order to save yourself and the cashier time at checkout. This is easy to do with apps like Flipp! 

Find the cheapest produce by shopping frozen.

Frozen food sometimes gets a bad rep. But frozen vegetables still offer nutrients, can be purchased for less, and are very versatile when it comes to home cooking. Many grocery stores sell medleys of frozen vegetables or single types of produce packaged on their own. Whatever your preference is, add frozen over fresh produce to your cart to save money.

Check for low prices on bakery products.

Oftentimes, grocery stores will have bakery items such as loaves of bread on sale if they are nearing their expiration date and haven’t yet been sold. If the item has a couple days before expiry and appears to be in good condition, purchase the product at its sale price and freeze it when you get home. This will extend its lifetime and save your wallet.

*Some grocery stores will place bakery items for sale near the entrance of the grocery store. Keep an eye out!

Don’t be afraid of bottom shelf grocery items.

Lastly, the bottom shelf doesn’t necessarily mean low quality. Grocery stores intentionally stock the most popular items at eye level while cheaper house brands and bulk items live on the bottom shelf. If you’re looking to save money on a specific item offered by several brands, try out the store’s house brand first. If you find few differences between their product and a more expensive one, purchase the cheaper option every time it’s on your list. 

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