Mother’s Day is a day to celebrate all mother figures in our lives. As we celebrate our second Mother’s Day amid the pandemic, shoppers are looking for inspiration on how to celebrate. A survey of over 2,000 Flipp users in North America revealed that Mother’s Day will be celebrated as an intimate family event. The majority of respondents (89%) will be celebrating the holiday with their children, spouses/partners, parents, and other unique mother figures like aunts and grandmothers. 

Of those who are planning to celebrate, over half are still unsure about how they will celebrate. 

Flipp plays an important role here, helping shoppers find inspiration for their shopping needs as they weigh different options for gifts, food, and activities.

Finding the right gifts

Flipp users are planning to spend an average of $50 on a Mother’s Day gift this year, making planning and finding the best deals extremely important in order to stay within budget.

With 65% of Flipp users looking for gift ideas and inspiration, it’s important for merchants to curate Mother’s Day-specific content that will spark their interest. 

59% of Flipp users will shop for gifts online, while 55% will shop in-store. There is an overlap here, as shoppers may want to buy multiple gifts in-store and online. 

The most popular category of gifts is flowers and plants at 46%, followed by miscellaneous gifts like books, wine, mugs, and pictures at 15%. Almost 1 in 3 plan to buy more “typical” Mother’s Day gifts such as personal care products, fashion and accessories, and jewelry.

Sharing a family meal

A special meal is a tried and true way to celebrate, and many Flipp users will put their cooking skills to the test by preparing food at home for Mother’s Day. This makes it a good opportunity for grocery stores to feature festive foods and ingredients that families can add to their menus.

In the U.S. 24% of Flipp users will be going out for dinner, while it’s only 5% for their Canadian counterparts, showcasing the differences in lockdown measures in both countries.

Spending quality time

Because Mother’s Day always takes place on a Sunday, it’s a good opportunity for families to spend quality time together. 

With the temperature heating up, it’s no surprise that 44% of people celebrating will be spending time outdoors. Items for families to play or lounge at the park or in their backyards will be top of mind.

Other popular activities for Mother’s Day include playing games and watching movies.

For those living in areas that are still heavily feeling the effects of the pandemic, contacting family and friends via zoom/facetime is also a possibility.

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