Ways To Save Money on Groceries at Sobeys

Where can I find Sobeys flyers? What is Scene+? If you’ve asked yourself these questions and are looking to shop smart, you’re in the right place! With the rising cost of living in Canada, finding ways to cut down on grocery expenses is more important than ever. Fortunately, there are numerous tactics and techniques you can use to trim your grocery bill at Sobeys. 

Saving money on groceries in Canada is simple, and you can shop smart at Sobeys by following these tips. From staying on top of sales to earning and redeeming Scene+ points, we chatted with two shoppers who shared their simple strategies and why they love shopping at Sobeys.  

1. Browse Sobeys Flyers on Flipp and reebee 

The first tip is to shop Sobeys using the Flipp or reebee apps. These apps help you create your shopping list digitally by adding deals straight from the Sobeys flyer to help you stay organized. Simply open the app, add Sobeys to your Favourites, and get notified when the Sobeys weekly flyer drops.

Deals from the Sobeys app and Scece+ points

Sobeys shopper Melissa from Toronto views her personalized weekly offers on the Sobeys app before heading in-store.

2. Collect Scene+ Points

If you want more savings from Sobeys, sign up for Scene+ to earn and redeem points. With the Sobeys app, you can also earn points through personalized digital offers and member pricing on specific products every week. 1000 Scene+ points are equivalent to $10 toward your purchase, so don’t skip out! The savings can truly add up, especially when Compliments offers seasonal Scene+ promos. Keep reading for more about saving with Compliments in tip number four! 

We talked to Melissa, a Sobeys shopper in Toronto, who showed us how she earned 700 Scene+ points in just one trip — that’s equivalent to $7 towards her groceries! Melissa recommends always checking the Sobeys flyer beforehand and planning your list based on items that earn Scene+ points.

“This week, I earned 200 Scene+ points on a whole chicken. I also got an additional 200 Scene+ points on my favourite salad kit, some bakery items, and other treats like a frozen flatbread,” explained Melissa. 

By following this strategy on a weekly basis, Melissa earns Scene+ points quickly, which she eventually redeems for movie tickets, groceries, or dining out. Hungry to make the most of your points? Learn more about Scene+.

Receipt from Sobeys showing 710 Scene+ points earned

Sobeys shopper in Toronto shows her receipt where 710 Scene+ points were earned on various grocery items. That’s like $7 towards her groceries!

3. Shop Sobeys Value Events

Sobeys has value events that run throughout the year where you can find great savings! For example, on Dollar Days and Sobeys Days, you’ll discover hot prices in-store and Scene+ Member Pricing.

4. Shop Compliments 

One money-saving tip is to shop Compliments, which offers a product line of 3400 superior quality items at accessible prices. Compliments has everyday items like frozen fruit, frozen meals, cooking oils, salsas, beverages, and baked goods. 

What’s even better is that there are often deals like “buy $25 worth of Compliments items and get 500 Scene+ points”, that can really help you save. Keep an eye out for these events throughout the year so you never miss an opportunity to stock up.

Irene, a Sobeys shopper in Toronto says she regularly swaps other brand-name items for Compliments whenever possible to save money.

“They’re usually cheaper than other brands…I use Flipp to compare prices, and a lot of what I need I can get from Sobeys,” shares Irene.

In-store deals from Compliments brand at Sobeys

Compliments offers a variety of grocery items at fair prices available at Sobeys.

5. Sign up for emails 

Subscribe to Sobeys emails! Sobeys sends you a weekly flyer with great deals from your local Sobeys. New email subscribers get a welcome offer of $5 off coupon for a purchase of $40 or more. You’ll also get the inside scoop on contests, in-store experiences, and more!

Smart shopping at Sobeys is not only feasible but also rewarding. By using apps like Flipp and reebee to check weekly sales,  joining Scene+ and Sobeys’ email list, keeping an eye out for Value Events, and shopping for the Compliments brand, you can significantly reduce your grocery expenses.

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