Since we don’t know when we will be heading back to the office…or if we will be heading back at all (will remote work become the new normal?), now might be the time to upgrade your office setup at home.

We’re sharing our top five office upgrades for optimal comfort and efficiency. We have also included ergonomic tips & recommendations from our favorite chiropractor, Dr. Jonas Eyford (President and Founder of Recharge Wellness) to make sure you keep moving throughout the workday.  

Set Yourself Up for Work From Home Success

Additional Monitor

For those of us that are used to working with an additional screen, reverting back to one can be incredibly difficult and have a damaging effect on our productivity. If you don’t already have an extra monitor at home, and you have the space for it, this might be a worthy purchase. A second screen can be life-changing for efficiency, especially if you’re constantly working from multiple tabs at once. Check out the Office category on Flipp for great deals on computer monitors. 

Ergonomic Keyboard/Laptop Stand

Do you miss your ergonomic setup at work? Are your neck and back starting to suffer the consequences of not having it? Check out the ergonomic office supplies available on Flipp from stores like Staples, Best Buy & more.

Desk, Table, Standing Desk

This certainly isn’t an option for everyone, but if you’re looking for a proper desk/standing desk setup at home, and have the space for it, check out the Office category on Flipp for a desk that fits your needs. Having a dedicated place to work throughout the day can help to better separate work life from home life. Also, it could help prevent you from slipping into a midday nap if you’re no longer working from the couch or your bed. 

A Comfortable Mouse

Nowadays, the majority of laptops have the trackpad option, but adding a mouse can make a huge difference for your wrist health — especially if you go the ergonomic route. There are lots of great deals on Flipp that you can browse through here. 

Noise Cancelling Headphones

This last one is key if you live in a noisy household and are finding it hard to focus. Noise cancelling headphones will block out all of that background noise so you’re not being interrupted or distracted constantly throughout the day. Search for noise cancelling headphones on Flipp for the best deals at your favourite stores. 

Taking Care of Your Mental Health

As an added bonus, we have also included items that will be beneficial for your mental health. These items will help boost your mood and relieve stress while you are working from home. 

Soft/Happy Light Desk Lamp

Bring the sunshine indoors with a Happy Light. These lamps are recommended to help with your mood during seasonal changes, as well as to boost your energy levels throughout the day. A few of our Flippers use these lights on their desk throughout the winter months and swear by them. 

Yoga Stretching Mat or Foam Roller

It is crucial that you get up and stretch throughout the day and don’t remain stagnant in one spot. This can help you to regain energy and refocus between tasks or meetings. Our recommendation is to have a yoga mat or foam roller close by to remind you to keep moving during the work day. One way to always remember to move is to set a calendar reminder for every 20 minutes.

Desk Plant to Boost Your Mood

Indoor plants are said to improve your mood, relieve stress/anxiety, and prolong your attention span. Also, they are pretty fun to look at and take care of. Think of a fun name for your plant baby and watch it grow! 

Diffuser With Essential Oils

Plug your diffuser in at your desk and take in the comforting and stress relieving scents of your essential oils all day long. With many people being sensitive to smell, this might be an office desk feature you can only utilize while working from home. So take advantage of this time and enjoy!

Ergonomics Tips from Dr. Jonas Eyford

Last but certainly not least, we would like to share with you some of the awesome tips we learned from Dr. Jonas Eyford. Here are some of the tips/recommendations we love the most: 

How Important is Posture?

Instead of focusing on your posture, diversify your movements throughout the day! Whether you are sitting or standing, don’t let your body stay in the same position for too long. Find three different positions you can cycle through during the day to keep your body moving.

How to Sit, Stand, and Move Better

Support is key. We don’t all have an at home office or a proper workspace, which forces us to work from our couch, or even our beds. Also, if that’s where you prefer to work, don’t feel guilty about it! Just make sure you are properly supporting your body to avoid any harm or long-term effects. Dr. Eyford recommends the three pillow rule to support your spine, neck and arms. See image below for reference:

How to Release Built up Tension

Dr. Eyford also recommends taking time throughout the day to release built up tension. The best part about this is you can do it yourself with items you might already have around the house.

For this technique, use a paper towel roll and position it mid-back as you lie down. Relax your legs on either side and spread out your arms to feel the benefits of this stretch. 

Additionally, the tennis ball technique is another great self-treatment for working out certain muscles and points of tension. Find any tight spot of tension and head to a wall or doorway. Once in place, either roll the ball around to massage out those areas, or pin the ball in place and stretch your neck.

Optimizing Your Brain & Body

A good productivity practice is called the Pomodoro Technique. This involves having a timer for roughly 40 minutes of focus time, with 20 minute breaks in between. During those breaks, don’t idle! Aim to utilize your breaks for exercising, resting your eyes, or replenishing socially or nutritionally.

For more tips on how to work from home more effectively we highly recommend this FREE Home Office Ergonomics course led by Dr. Jonas Eyford. The course curriculum takes a deeper, but to the point dive into the following topics: 

  • How Important is Good Posture?
  • How to Sit, Stand & Move Better
  • Optimizing Your Brain & Body

What tips & tricks do you find helpful while working from home? We’d love to hear from you. Tag us with your tips or send in photos of your current wfh setup through our Instagram or Facebook page.

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