Tips to Stay Safe This Halloween

Like many things in 2020…we have to start thinking about what Halloween and what trick or treating will look like this year given the current climate. Do we want our children trick or treating this year? Is it safe? This is a hot topic of conversation right now and has left people wondering, will Halloween be cancelled this year?

We will leave that decision up to you. However, we have compiled a list of ways to take extra precaution if you and your family members want to get involved with this season’s festivities, as well as provide some suggestions on how you can celebrate Halloween as safely as possible this year.

Flipp tips for Halloween 2020

1. No door to door or grab bowls

We have to be extra careful and creative with how we pass out candy this Halloween season. This means no greeting trick or treaters at the door, or leaving out grab bowls with treats for the neighborhood kids. That doesn’t mean we can’t think of other creative ways to pass out candy.

There have been many humorous ideas circulating the internet such as: launching candy through a potato cannon, sending the candy to trick or treaters via a DIY zipline, or by creating your very own “candy chute.” This idea came from Andrew Beattie, in Delhi, Ohio and we think he’s onto something here. Check out this article for more details on how to create your own Halloween chute! Check for deals on the Flipp app for all of your safety supplies!

2. Monitor the COVID risk in your area

The Hershey’s Halloween 2020 website is an excellent resource for how to stay safe this Halloween season. The map on this website allows you to search for your location, where you can read the COVID risk level in your area. You will either see it come up as green, yellow, orange, or red. From there, you can review Hershey’s recommendations on how you should proceed with your Halloween evening, depending on which zone you fall under. If you are in the green zone or yellow zone, you’re probably okay to trick or treat, but make sure you follow the guidelines outlined in our next point.

3. Follow social distancing and trick or treating guidelines

For trick or treaters:

  • Stay home if sick
  • Only trick or treat with people you live with
  • Remain 6 feet apart from people not in your household
  • Wear a face mask covering BOTH your mouth and nose (even under/over your Halloween mask)
  • Sanitize (with sanitizer containing at least 60% alcohol) frequently while out, especially during key times like before eating or after coughing/sneezing, ringing doorbells, etc.

For homeowners:

  • Do not hand out candy if you are sick
  • Wear a face mask covering BOTH your mouth and nose
  • Take the Safe House pledge and register as an official Halloween Safe House here
  • Use duct tape to mark 6-foot lines in front of home and leading to driveway/front door
  • Position a distribution table between yourself and trick or treaters
  • Distribute candy on disinfected table to eliminate direct contact
  • Wash hands often

For parents:

  • Stay home if sick
  • Talk with your children about safety and social distancing guidelines and expectations
  • Guide children to stay on the right side of the road always to ensure distance
  • Carry a flashlight at night and ensure your children have reflective clothing
  • Wear a face mask covering BOTH your mouth and nose
  • Wash your hands as soon as you return home
  • Inspect candy

Alternative ways to celebrate

If you’d rather not take the risk, or if your area falls in the orange or red zone, not to worry! There are many other ways you can celebrate Halloween this year that could be just as fun! Here are some suggestions:

1. Organize a candy hunt

Everyone loves a good Easter egg hunt, why not recreate that tradition with a Halloween twist? Hide candy all over your house and turn off all the lights. Get the kids to dress up in their Halloween costumes, grab their flashlights, and fill up their candy bags. Spook it up a bit and jump out at your kids when they least expect it. This could turn into a hilarious new tradition for you and your family.

2. Stay in, eat candy, and watch some scary movies

The last few months, actually, the whole year really, has been a lot. Why not take it easy on Halloween night? Set up your own home movie theatre, lay out bowls with way too much candy and junk food, binge eat your favorite treats and watch some scary movies. Allow your kids to pick out their favorite treats and convince them this is way better than normal trick or treating. They get to relax indoors instead of walking for hours with heavy candy bags, collecting a bunch of candy that they might not even like. Candy corn? Black licorice? Gross!

3. Turn your home into a haunted house

Add some extra Halloween fun to your “candy hunt” by turning your home into your very own haunted house. Check out Dollar Tree and more of your local ads on Flipp for Halloween decorations to spookify your home.

However you choose to spend Halloween night this year, we wish you a spooky and safe night with your family and friends. Who knows, maybe this year could change the way we do Halloween for years to come.

Don’t forget to search for all of your Halloween needs on the Flipp app for the best deals in town, and remember to stock up on your favorite treats once all the Halloween candy goes on sale. #treatyourself

Happy Halloween!

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