With grocery prices on the rise, creating a shopping list to keep within budget is a necessary part of the weekly shopping journey. When we asked Flipp users about their grocery shopping routine, many said that a comprehensive shopping list not only helps them keep track of what to buy, but also minimizes impulse purchases, which helps them save money.

If you want to save money on groceries, start with a solid shopping list. Here are our top five tips to help you write the ultimate money-saving shopping list.

1. Use a list that works for you

We know some people swear by the traditional paper and pen shopping list, and if that works for you, stick to it. Keep your list on the fridge, so it’s easy to add items as you remember them. But, a list will do you no good if you forget to take it with you. Many people love the convenience of a digital shopping list since it’s less likely to forget your phone at home. There are lots of great shopping list apps to try, including Flipp! If you’re already using Flipp to find your weekly grocery deals, why not create your list in the app too? This way, you’ll have everything you need in one place.

Whatever method you choose, the most important thing is to remember to take the list with you.

2. Create your list throughout the week

You can carve out a specific time to write your shopping list before going to the store, but we also recommend updating your list throughout the week. As soon as you realize you’re out of something, add it to your list. This way, you’re building your list as you go, and you can be confident that you’re not forgetting anything. Before you head out to the grocery store, do a final look through your pantry and fridge, and add any last-minute items.

3. Plan around meals you’re planning to make

If you shop without a plan, it can be easy to buy too much or too little. You want to buy the right amount of food that will last you until your next shopping trip. Especially if you’re buying perishable items, finding this balance is extremely important to avoid wasting food. One way to do this is by writing your grocery list around meals and recipes you’re planning to make. 

You don’t have to be too specific, but you should have a general idea of how many meals you’ll be making. List recipes or foods you’ll need for every breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack during the period you’re shopping for. Then, add the ingredients you’ll need to your shopping list. For some general meal planning tips, check out this blog post that teaches you the basics, Become a Meal Planning Expert With These 6 Tips.

4. Take advantage of weekly sales

Another great way to create a money-saving shopping list is to plan meals around items that are on sale. That’s where the Flipp app comes in! Flipp shows you what’s on sale at stores in your area to save you money. Pick some sale items and plan meals around these deals as you develop your shopping list for the week. You can save a deal you like directly to your Flipp shopping list by tapping the item to circle it or as we like to say, “clip” it to your list.

Flipp Tipp: If you’re in a recipe rut, seeing what’s on sale might inspire you to try something new and interesting!

5. Organize your list by categories

Ever found yourself having to go back to a certain section of the grocery store after realizing you skipped over an item you needed? This may be the result of a disorganized shopping list. Items at the grocery store are organized by category, so we recommend organizing your shopping list the same way. 

If you use the Flipp app to write your shopping list, you’ll see that the items on your list will be automatically organized into different categories like produce, dairy & eggs, meat & seafood, bakery, and household. If you’re not using Flipp, another way that you could organize your shopping list is by the order in which they appear at the store. If you’re familiar with the layout of the store you’re going to, you can organize your list in this order so that it’s easy to check off items as you go.

Keep these tips in mind when making your list for your next shopping trip, and let us know how it goes. If you have more shopping list tips and tricks, comment below to share with the Flipp community.

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