Black Friday which kicks off the unofficial start to the holiday season looked different this year. Instead of it being a shopping day, it was a shopping season that lasted throughout the month of November. One of the biggest changes we saw was that most retailers moved their deals online, completely changing the shopping experience for most consumers. We took the opportunity to ask our Flipp Community how their new Black Friday experience was and this is what they had to say. 

Black Friday is Alive and Well 

This year, thanks to all the hard-to-miss “doorbuster” deals from retailers across the country, a whopping 71% of our users participated in the Black Friday season this year by looking for the best deals, comparing prices, and making purchases. 

Black Friday Behaviour

Savings Tools for the Win!

Having the right savings tools allowed consumers to find the best deals for their shopping needs. Our Flipp users used multiple savings tools such as retailer apps, retailer websites, cashback/rebate platforms, digital coupons, and of course Flipp! Not only were these tools the main way consumers chose to save their dollars, but these digital tools ranked even higher than traditional savings vehicles like paper coupons and paper ads. 

The New Normal – Online Shopping 

This year the global pandemic has cast a cautious shadow over the 2020 holiday shopping season and Black Friday was no exception. Flipp users however proved resilient and changed their shopping habits to adapt to the new normal. Consumers still managed to cash in on those Black Friday deals, by shopping online. Less than 1 in 5 preferred shopping online pre COVID last year, but that number has tripled this year. 

Online VS In-store Black Friday Shopping 

The Black Friday Month

With Black Friday extending over the month of November as opposed to just one day, there were an endless number of deals to be found. Our data found that an equal percentage of Flipp users bought items in the days leading up to Black Friday and others on the day itself.  

Black Friday Shopping Timing

Most popular Items on Shoppers’ Wish List

What products were at the top of Black Friday shopping lists, being tossed into virtual baskets this year? While there were a number of Black Friday deals from small to big ticket items, the top three categories that our Flipp community purchased  were fashion & apparel, electronics and household & kitchen appliances.

Black Friday Product Categories Purchased

Black Friday by the Numbers: Consumer Spend

On average our Flipp Community spent $300 on their purchases through the Black Friday season. Compared to last year the number of people who spent more, less, or around the same stayed consistent.

Black Friday Spend: 2019 vs 2020

Throughout history, Black Friday has evolved from simply one day to a month-long series of sales and deep discounts that kick off in the beginning of November. It’s clear that no matter how different the shopping event looks, it is still a key shopping period for most of our Flipp users. To access the best deals all in one place, during the Black Friday season and beyond, don’t forget to check out the Flipp app.

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