It’s that time of the year again. Time to put on your rubber gloves and give your home that deep clean and refreshed look you’ve been putting off all year. The idea of tackling every dust bunny, stubborn stain, and cluttered nook and cranny can feel overwhelming, so we’ve pulled together a to-do list to help you tackle spring cleaning like a pro. 

Identify your cleaning style

Figure out what kind of cleaner you are. Some people are stress cleaners, others are chore procrastinators. Identifying your cleaning personality is the first step to coming up with a plan or routine that works for you, rather than against you. If you don’t know what your cleaning style is, this fun quiz from Popsugar will give you a rough idea. Based on your cleaning style, you’ll want to tackle all your cleaning head-on, or split up the work over several days.

Get the right cleaning supplies

Before you start, consider giving your cleaning supplies an overhaul. There’s no reason to go over budget on it though. We created a checklist of cleaning supplies to cover the basics. These items will cover the majority of surfaces in your home.

Spring Cleaning Starter Kit

Get yourself organized 

Make a list of all the rooms or sections around the house you want to clean, so that you know how much work you’ve got ahead of you. Create a checklist to keep yourself organized and accountable and check things off as you complete them – it will feel so satisfying when you do. 

Declutter your space

Before you can get any cleaning done, it’s important to sort through and organize your items. Use this step as an opportunity to throw out or donate anything that doesn’t add value to your life. This way you’re making more space for the items that do bring you joy. Give your closet or pantry a facelift with storage baskets or boxes that can keep everything neatly accessible. For things that you do want to keep but don’t use very often, invest in heavy-duty storage boxes that can be put away under the bed or in the garage. 

Make it a family fun activity

Even young kids can be excellent helpers if given age-appropriate chores. Throw on some music so you can all have some fun cleaning together, and have a household reward as an incentive to get the work done. Maybe a special treat from your family’s favorite restaurant or a trip somewhere fun could be a prize for everyone’s hard work.

Give it time 

Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Okay we might not be talking about an entire city here, but spring cleaning your entire home can feel like an overwhelming task. Set yourself up for success and don’t try to do all of it in one day or even one weekend. Instead, try to spread it out over two or three weeks if you need to.

Try these spring cleaning tricks

Finally, here are a couple of cleaning tricks we’ve found work well for some of the most standard cleaning tasks that are sure to be on your list: 

  • Trash cans: If you want yours to smell a little more pleasant, place a couple of dryer sheets (even used ones will work) on the bottom of the can. They’ll absorb spills and help mask odors.
  • Mirrors or glass: After you’ve cleaned your closet, set aside any cotton items — they can be repurposed as cleaning rags for giving mirrors and glass countertops a streak and lint-free clean.
  • Walls and windows: You can clear most wall scuffs with a light mixture of soap and water, and for anything truly stubborn, break out the paint. For your windows, clean them on a shady day because when windows are warm, most cleaning solutions will streak.
  • Tiles: You don’t need harsh agents like bleach to tackle dirty bathroom tiles. A homemade solution of warm water, ¼ cup of vinegar, and one tablespoon of dish soap should do the trick.
  • Screens: Whether it’s your iPad, computer screen, TV, or phone, these can build up dirt and smudges over time. For a streak-free clean that won’t scratch, glide a coffee filter over the screen.

Whether your spring cleaning routine turns into a week-long marathon or multiple after-work cleaning sessions, these tips and tricks will help you get the job done faster and more efficiently.

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