With the pandemic still affecting our day-to-day activities and plans, it’s no surprise that the usual go-to Valentine’s Day spots will be empty this year. A survey conducted by Flipp of more than 2,500 North American Flipp users revealed “togetherness” and “staying home” as the overarching themes for Valentine’s Day 2021.

The survey also uncovered new and emerging trends for those  celebrating the day of love and friendship, including a decline in the amount spent this year. Typically, consumers spend around $140 on Valentine’s Day, but this year, based on the results, consumers plan to spend $90 — a savings of $50.  

Trend #1: Love, Family, and Appreciation

Even though things will be different this year, 62% of our survey participants said they’re still planning to celebrate Valentine’s Day. When asked what Valentine’s Day will mean to them this year, respondents said: Family, staying home, quality time, celebrating love, and having dinner.

Trend #2: A Family Affair

Because Valentine’s Day takes place on a Sunday this year, two thirds of families will make this a family event, with 38% of respondents planning to go out for some fresh air. Out of those who are planning to spend time outdoors, activities planned for the day include going for a walk, winter sports, fun by the water, and cycling. 

Among families, watching movies (63%) and baking treats at home (57%) are top of the agenda. Only 6% plan to go out to the movies, bowling, and the spa.

Trend #3: Meaningful and On-Budget

This Valentine’s Day is about keeping things simple and spending time with the family. Most respondents are planning to spend less than $100 in total for their Valentine’s Day celebrations, saying that the cost of food and gifts for the kids will account for most of it.

Trend #4: A Holiday for Foodies

Although only 4% are planning to dine out this year, restaurants will still play an important role, with 35% of respondents planning to order in. With more time at home, 60% are planning to  prepare their own dinner, either sticking to their tried and true favorites or experimenting with new recipes. 

Candy and sweets are also an important part of the celebration. While buying dessert at the store continues to be a popular choice, more than half of the respondents will satisfy their sweet tooth by baking their own dessert at home, with 1 in 10 bakers learning this new skill during the lockdown.

Trend #5: Sharing the Love

Thinking about sharing the love through gift-giving? Traditional Valentine’s Day gifts continue to be a crowd favorite, with a greater emphasis on sweets for the sweetie. 60% of survey respondents said they’ll be gifting candy, chocolates, and sweet treats. The next two most popular gift categories are clothing and flowers. 

Other ways of sharing the love will be by sending physical Valentine’s cards (31%), posting on social media (22%), and sending emojis, gifs, or memes (15%). When it comes to video calling, nearly half (47%) are planning to connect with loved ones online, while the rest (53%) feel that this will be a time to unplug. 

Even with all the uncertainty still surrounding our day-to-day, most families are adapting and finding meaningful ways to celebrate from home. What other ideas do you have for celebrating Valentine’s Day 2021? Comment them below!

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