Summer is here and stores are reopening across the country, which means you’re probably ready to do a little summer shopping. Even though you might be tempted to spend, we’re sharing tips on what to buy now and what to leave on the shelves just a little bit longer. Get ready to save!

Buy Now — Summer Apparel

For most of us, warm days expire in a few months, and we want to make the most of every sunny, warm, picture-perfect day with a new summer outfit. Since we’re halfway through the summer, now is a good time to give in and treat yourself as you’ll likely find those trendy summer items at a slightly reduced price, compared to June. Check out Target to view some of these awesome deals.

Buy Now — Patriotic Items

Oh say can you see, the amazing deals on all things red, white, and blue? The Fourth of July is quickly approaching, and you can expect to see some great deals to get you in the mood (plus, you can stock up now for next year’s celebrations). Shop some of these amazing deals at Meijer.

Buy Now — Personal Electronics

Who said you have to wait until Black Friday for all the best deals on electronics? Retailers like Sam’s Club and Best Buy have added great sales for you to take advantage of! Make sure you shop for that QLED TV that you’ve been waiting for.

Buy Later — Back-to-School Supplies

Since summer is in full swing, school is probably the last thing on your mind — and that’s totally okay. Although you may start to see some back-to-school sales, don’t buy your backpacks and laptops just yet. We don’t know know what the school year will look like just yet, so it’s better to hold off until there is a clear picture of what’s to come. Plus, as the school year gets closer, the deals get better.

Buy Later — Lawn Mower

We know you’re “bored in the house in the house bored,” and your lawn is looking like it needs some TLC, but we recommend that you hold off buying a new lawnmower for now. You aren’t the only one thinking it’s time to show your lawn some love, and retailers know this — meaning you’ll rarely see outdoor products on sale in July. Instead, work with what you’ve got for another month or so, and treat yourself to an end-of-season reward in August or September to make sure you’re getting the best price.

Buy Later — Patio Furniture

The best way to celebrate summer is to enjoy time outside at every opportunity, so make good use of your lovely patio set, but don’t think about buying one now if you’re looking for a deal. The general rule of thumb is that the peak season to use an item is the worst time to buy it. Do yourself a favor and don’t invest in patio furniture just yet. Although you’ll notice a decrease in price after the Fourth of July, hold out until the end of August or September if you want the best possible deal.

Now that you know what to buy and what to skip, you’re ready to enjoy everything this month has to offer. Don’t forget to enjoy some ice cream on July 21st for National Ice Cream Day, and remember to use the Flipp app to find even more great deals at the stores closest to you.

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