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Shop Summer, Not Fall — What to Buy in August

Shop Summer, Not Fall — What to Buy in August

July 27, 2020

It seems like summer just arrived and it's almost already gone. We know you’re probably wanting to spoil yourself with some end-of-season deals, so luckily for you, we’re going to help you get started. We have gathered the best deals in August to help you find something nice and save some money while you're at it!

To Buy in August

Buy Now — Swimwear

Even though swimming season is almost over, why not make your last pool days the hottest ones yet? August is the time when retailers like T.J.Maxx put all their swimwear on sale to make room for the upcoming season. This means you can look super cute as you make the most of your last few days by the pool. Don’t forget to snap a killer farewell summer Instagram photo in your cute new suit while you’re at it!

Buy Now — Outdoor Equipment

Remember last month when we told you to hold off on buying that lawn mower you desperately wanted? Well we’ve got some great news — outdoor equipment is finally on sale and it’s now the perfect time to buy. Hurry over to Lowe’s to get your hands on a new lawn mower and to find other awesome deals on all things outdoors. The season may be ending, but Summer 2021 will be here before you know it, so take advantage of the end-of-season sales to prepare for next year.

Buy Now — School Supplies

The new school year is just around the corner and even though this year might be slightly different, the learning must go on. August is prime time for back to school sales, so whether you’re shopping for your kids or getting ready for college, you should take advantage of deals at retailers such as Staples and Dollar Tree, which will cover all your basics like notebooks, pens, binders, etc.

A great tip to note is that the longer you wait, the better the deals get, but that doesn’t mean you should hold off on planning. Use the Flipp app to track the latest deals and clip items week after to week to make sure you’re set up for the school year with some extra money in your pocket.

Buy Now — Office Electronics

You probably didn’t plan on using your electronics as much as you have been with work from home, school, and entertainment. Well, now is the perfect time for an upgrade. You can expect office and school-related electronics to be on sale at stores like Target. You’ll find laptops and tablets on sale, which are essential for those who will have to start off the school year learning from home.

To Buy Later

Buy Later — Fall Clothing

As much as we love summer, everyone has a soft spot for sweater weather. So, when stores start pulling out their fall merchandise, be aware of your impulse to buy everything in sight. We know the feeling, but we also know that this is when fall clothing will cost the most. Keep your money in your pocket for another month or two and use it to splurge on Black Friday. You will find the best deals on fall clothing and still have a few weeks to sport your cute new outfits.

Buy Later — Large Appliances

You might want to pick out the perfect fridge or upgrade to the latest washer and dryer, but trust us when we say this is not the time to buy large appliances. Labor Day is around the corner, and that’s when you can expect to see great sales on major appliances at stores such as Home Depot and Lowe’s.

Buy Later — Mattresses

We all want to start the school year well rested, which is why you might find yourself shopping for mattresses as you or your children prepare to head back to school. Although this might seem like a good idea, Labor Day is when we see the best savings on mattresses for the year, so best to wait until September.

Be sure to use the Flipp app to find even more amazing deals, and end this summer off with some awesome savings!


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