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What to Buy in February

Save on Jewelry but Ditch the Roses — What to Buy in February

January 24, 2020

February has swiftly arrived, and with two major holidays taking place this month, there are some spectacular deals worth keeping on your radar. From the expected Valentine’s Day gifts to the not-so-obvious President’s Day finds, we’ve compiled a guide to help you decide what to buy this month and what to hold off buying until later to maximize your savings!

finejewelryFine Jewelry — Buy Now

Due to fierce competition among jewelers leading up to Valentine’s Day, you can expect sales on all types of fine jewelry up until February 14th. So if you’re thinking of getting your special someone a gift that goes beyond chocolate and roses, this is the time to do it. If you want to save on Valentine’s-specific jewelry though, you have a better chance of finding heart-shaped charms and earrings on sale right after Valentine’s Day. You can also agree with your partner to celebrate the day of love a few days later which will allow you to take advantage of some great deals.

vdaygiftsValentine’s Day Gifts — Buy Now

In the case of more traditional Valentine’s Day gifts, the early bird does not always get the worm. If you want to get a good deal on gifts like chocolates, stuffed animals and all things red and pink, you should wait one to two days before Valentine’s, which is often when stores will begin to sell these items at a discount. The only exception here is flowers, which tend to increase in price as we get closer to the 14th, but more on that later. For even steeper price cuts on Valentine’s classics, shop after Valentine’s Day and save these items for future gifts.

sunglassesDesigner Sunglasses — Buy Now

You’ll see stores marking down hot weather accessories, especially designer sunglasses. So while you’re dreaming away of a warm holiday and sunny destination, take advantage of these off-season discounts and start building your spring and summer wardrobe with a pair of fresh shades. 

jacketsJackets, Sweaters, and Hoodies — Buy Now

Winter clothing sales that started in January carry over to February, making it easy to find discounts as high as 70% off jackets, sweaters, and hoodies. Now is the time to bypass higher seasonal prices and score great savings on winter essentials that you’ll surely need again next year. 

smallappliancesSmall Appliances — Buy Now

In the U.S. Presidents Day falls on February 17th, which means you can expect hefty discounts starting on the weekend and continuing throughout the holiday. The most notable discounts are those on small appliances, where you can save on items like vacuums, blenders, coffee makers, and slow cookers. Keep an eye out for these deals to save big on some small upgrades to your home.

camerasCameras  — Buy Now

If you’re a photography enthusiast, February is a great time to shop for a digital camera on sale. New camera models are announced in January, which means that the older models go on sale as soon as the new ones reach store shelves. So if you’ve had your eye on a new camera or camera accessories, now’s the time to snatch these at a discount.

flowersFlowers — Buy Later

We mentioned flowers earlier, they are the only Valentine’s Day gift that actually increases in price this month, as sellers know, no one can resist this classic symbol of love. You might want to opt for another gift and hold off on the flowers for now. Besides, you can purchase flowers for a better price any other day, and surprise your sweetheart with a bouquet when they least expect it.

travelTravel — Buy Later

February is prime time for booking winter and spring break vacations. Unfortunately, this high demand for transportation and accommodations causes a spike in prices, making this a less than ideal time to book a trip if you’re looking to save money. We recommend tracking prices to travel in September or October to enjoy a cheaper and less crowded vacation.

springapparelSpring Apparel — Buy Later

Many apparel stores will start rolling out their spring collections towards the end of February. Although an exciting sight for those longing for warmer weather, try to resist the urge of buying any of these pieces right now. These completely new collections are the priciest towards the beginning of the season, so we recommend waiting until May or June to shop for these items on sale.

Now that you know what you should and shouldn’t buy in February, you can use the Flipp app to find deals on these items at stores near you. Simply browse weekly ads by category, or quickly search for these items to effortlessly compare prices. Stay tuned for next month’s post where we share more great tips to help you save year-round.


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