We make it our business to know everything about creating an enjoyable shopping experience for our consumers. If there is a way to make shopping a little easier, fun and of course more affordable, we’re on the case. How do we do that? At Flipp, we have a whole team of dedicated researchers who conduct regular studies on consumer shopping habits and preferences. 

In these unprecedented times where affordable shopping is key, we wanted to learn more about the benefits of using flyers for weekly shopping and planning. We got the chance to sit down with Flipp’s very own Director of Consumer Insights, Dave Chen, to tell us more.

Q: Flipp’s focus is digital flyers, but are flyers still relevant? 

Dave: The weekly flyer is a staple in many households across North America. Flipp does a phenomenal job of providing our users with digital flyers which serve as a primary shopping tool for various living essentials. In fact, the flyer is the #1 shopping tool used among consumers when shopping for groceries and household essentials followed by coupons and loyalty programs. Not just that, it’s still considered an important tool for fashion, home and garden, and electronics. 

Q: What are the consumer benefits to using flyers? 

Dave: We’ve seen Flipp users primarily use flyers as a consulting source to help them save as much as possible, stay on budget, and cut down on the time they spend shopping. Flipp also works with over 90% of the largest retailers in North America allowing shoppers to compare prices from over 2,000 retailers on a single page and choose products that offer the best overall value to them.

Q: Digital vs. print, it’s the age old question. In your opinion, what are the benefits of using digital flyers in comparison to print?

Dave: The main benefits are practicality and convenience. Digital flyers allow for faster access to weekly sales, which means consumers don’t have to wait for local flyers to arrive in the mail.  Digital flyers are also easier to use on-the-go, since they’re always in your pocket and you’re not  limited to stores in your area. Not to mention the fact that digital flyers have less of an environmental impact. 

Q: So seeing how important flyers can be, can you tell us how many consumers rely on them for their shopping?

Dave: Numbers don’t lie if you are looking at the flyer readership alone, we know that 78% of the population in the U.S. reads the weekly flyer on a weekly basis and there is an even higher percentage in Canada, with 81% reading flyers on a weekly basis. This consists of people who read digital only, print only, or a mix of both. These statistics have stayed quite consistent since 2015, with the main difference being, we’ve seen an uptick in preference of using digital over print flyers. This kind of consistent data shows us that consumers heavily rely on flyers to assist them in making more affordable shopping choices.

Q: Are there any features that help consumers plan ahead?   

Dave: We know 93% of Flipp users agree that Flipp allows them to find all the best flyers and deals for their shopping. In fact, the ‘Latest’ tab which gives flyer previews, gives our users a unique head start, so they can plan even earlier. It’s an important feature that allows them to plan exactly when and where they can get the best deals. 

Q: If you had to categorize what products shoppers usually use flyers for, what would it be? 

Dave: Consistently across the U.S. and Canada, the most popular categories we see for flyer readers are grocery, household essentials, personal care, home and garden items, pharmaceuticals and general merchandise. However, we also see high engagement and readership in more specialized categories like arts and crafts, children’s toys and more niche items as well. This shows that by using Flipp, we can help consumers take advantage of the best deal, no matter what kind of product they may be looking for. It’s convenient, expansive and all in the palm of your hand. 

Q: Is there anything else you want to share about flyer readership or Flipp?

Dave: That with a little planning and previewing flyers, using our shopping list and organizing your route, Flipp can help you save an average of $45 per week off your weekly grocery bill, so if you haven’t tried it, don’t wait and download the free app today. 

There you have it, whether you are a deal hungry shopper or just someone who can appreciate more affordable prices on some of your home essentials, flyers are the way to go for almost all your shopping needs.
For more great insights about the Flipp consumer, please visit https://blog.flipp.com/category/insights/

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