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Labor Day Deals — What to Buy Now vs. What to Buy Later

Labor Day Deals — What to Buy Now vs. What to Buy Later

August 30, 2019

Have you ever found yourself buying an item on sale, only to discover an even better discount popping up just a few weeks later? Bummer! With Labor Day weekend deals just around the corner, you might be tempted to hop on the Sales Express, but don’t swipe your credit card just yet. Flipp Savings Expert Lauren Gruetman gave us the ins and outs about which items are worth buying this Labor Day weekend, and which ones you’re better off buying later.

Appliances — Buy Now

Lauren tells us that manufacturers release new models of popular appliances in September and October, meaning that retailers are eager to clear out their stock of products. You’ll find discounts of up to 40% on items like washing and drying machines, ovens, and dishwashers, so take advantage of these deals now. Stores like Best Buy and Lowe’s are the way to go.

Electronics — Buy Later

We found that more than 1 in 3 parents purchase a smartphone for their child as part of back-to-school shopping this time of year. What they really should do is wait until Black Friday to get the best deals on electronics. Keep an eye on your Flipp app early November to see the Black Friday ads as soon as they drop. The only exception highlighted by Lauren is tablets, since the latest models come out in September — which means that the “older” models are highly discounted during Labor Day weekend.

Outdoor Living Items — Buy Now

With summer coming to an end, most people don’t think about buying patio furniture this far along. Fortunately for us savvy shoppers, as demand drops we can enjoy 70% to 90% off outdoor dining furniture, leisure furniture, décor, and appliances. So if you’re looking to replace your grill or score with a new patio set, this is the time to do it. Check the weekly ads on Flipp from stores like Kohl’s, Kmart, Home Depot, and Lowe’s to scope prices.

Outdoor Gear — Buy Now

If you’d like to gear up on camping essentials, bicycles, kayaks, and water sporting equipment, do it now. On Labor Day weekend, deals range from 30% to 50% off, on average, with some clearance goods marked at 60% off. Specialty retailers like Dick’s Sporting Goods, REI, and Outdoor World are your go-to’s.

Mattresses — Buy Now

Three day weekends are the best time of year to get a mattress, and Labor Day is no exception. Stores like Big Lots and Mattress Firm may offer interest-free credit along with deep discounts and add-ons like free sheets and pillows. For other household goods like sheets and towels, it’s recommended that you wait until January, according to our expert.

Now that you’re better equipped with these insider hacks, you can shop even smarter to make the most out of your budget for the remainder of the year. Happy Labor Day weekend, and happy shopping!

Lauren Greutman
Lauren Greutman

Lauren Greutman is a consumer savings expert. You can find more of her tips at www.laurengreutman.com.