Sharpen your pencils and take out your notebooks — back-to-school season is officially here! As we get ready to send our kids back to the classroom, parents are tasked with the challenge of shopping for all the school supplies on their list. If your wallet is shaking by the sound of the words back to school shopping, you’re not alone. That’s why today, we’re helping you find deals for the school supplies your child needs.

We put together these school supply lists for all grades, making it easier for you to find and compare prices on Flipp. If you’re reading from your phone, make sure you have the Flipp app downloaded so that you can view all the best deals near you when clicking on an item.

For all Grades

From a backpack to carry their supplies, to containers for school lunches, here are a few items that are great to have for a student in any grade.

Flipp Tipp: If you are looking for a new laptop for school assignments, make sure you check out our Back-To-School Laptop Buying Guide that compares different types of laptops to make sure you are making the purchase that is best for your student. 

Pre-K and Kindergarten

This will be your little one’s first school experience, so make sure they have the supplies they need to express their creativity after studying their ABC’s.

Elementary Grades 1–3

Get your child excited for school with supplies and accessories they’ll love.

Elementary Grades 4–5

These kids know what they want, and it’s all about making a good first impression. Get ahead of the game by scoping prices on Flipp to find deals on all the essentials.

Middle School and High School

Apart from a few specific subjects, the supplies needed in middle school and high school are similar, which is why we have created a combined list.

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