We are living in a time where virtual hangouts with family and friends is the new normal. What better way to pass the time together than playing games? Host your own virtual games night tonight with our top picks, available for free or for a low-cost. 


Not only is this app great for group video chats, but you can also play (virtual) face-to-face with your friends. Two free games available on Houseparty are Chips & Guac, a word association game, and Quick Draw, a drawing and guessing game. Houseparty is available on the App Store & Google Play.

Jackbox Games

These multiplayer games let players use their smartphones as controllers and can be played on a computer, phone, tablet, and most gaming consoles. From trivia games to drawing games, the party packs start at $12.49, with each pack including five games. The best part? Only one person needs to own the game and up to 8 people can play! This video tutorial shows you how.


Grab your phones and gather round for the most ridiculous trivia game yet. Brought to you from the creators of Head’s Up, the main difference of this trivia game is that players have to make up fake answers to real questions. The guesser will then have to choose the real answer amidst all the fake options. Available for free on the App Store & Google Play.

Tabletop Simulator

If you’re a fan of classic board games, you’re in luck. Tabletop simulator includes 15 classics like Chess, Poker, Jigsaw Puzzles, and Dominoes, all for $21.99. Invite your friends to join you remotely for the ultimate board game night. This guide for Steam Remote Play shows you how to do it.

Facebook Instant Games

Some of the most popular mobile games are available for free on Facebook. What’s great about playing them through Facebook is that you don’t have to download a separate app for each game, and they can be played on your laptop, phone, or tablet. For some one-on-one gaming, just hop on a video call to chat while you play. Some of our favorites are 8 Ball PoolQuiz Planet, and Words With Friends. To access games on Facebook, click on the “Games” tab in the Explore section.


The game is simple. One person chooses a word to draw, while the rest try to guess correctly and win points. Play this game for free from your web browser, and create a private room to play with your friends.

Ludo Club

If you love the classic Parcheesi board game, you’ll love this simple board game redesigned for your phone or tablet. Have your friends download the free app from the App Store or Google Play, and share the game access code to play together with up to four people.


Monopoly fans out there will be glad to know that this classic game has a mobile adaptation available for only $3.99. Play with friends and make your own house rules as you buy, sell, and scheme your way to riches. Available on the App Store and Google Play.

Ready to give these games a try? Round up your friends and family to get the competition started.

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