Do you have someone in your life who takes more plant #shelfies than #selfies? Trying to figure out the best gift for them? You could choose a flower that blooms all winter, a sturdy succulent or a nice mood-boosting herb…but chances are they already have those in their plant collection. So here’s a chance to think outside the, well, pot. 

From plant newbies to OG’s, we’re sharing gift ideas for all the plant lovers in your life. 

For the Creative Planter

Know someone who wants to up their planting game? Then, they should probably get some tips from an expert, don’t you think? The Masterclass annual membership has become a beloved gift for many, as there are so many unique skills to learn — gardening being one of them. Ron Finley, also known as the “Gangster Gardener,” has a 10-class series that covers everything from garden creativity to growing your own food.

For the Stylish Planter  

All planters have their own techniques, and the same goes for how they like to style their nature- inspired space too. If you have a good idea of the type of decor they like, there are different types of planter pots you could get them. There is a wide selection available, from cutesy animal inspired planter pots to a more sleek selection like the mygga garden pot from JYSK. For those who like something with a little bit of “magic,” a levitating potted plant from Newegg that rotates 360 degrees is pretty cool too!

For the Tech Planter

For the plant lover who also appreciates some cool technology, a hydroponics garden from Macy’s is an excellent option. This indoor garden basically takes care of itself, as the LED bulbs bathe the plants in the full spectrum of the sunlight, so they grow faster and healthier. Even if your friend is more of a black thumb, this system will remind them when it’s time to feed and water the plants, making them a green thumb in no time. 

For the Sharing Planter

A seed saving kit makes it easy to collect, store, and trade seeds from your garden. Your gardening enthusiast will experience the joy of preserving seeds from their favorite plants and can even share them with the next generation. The Kikkerland seeds garden kit is a great budget option. 

For the Indoor Planter

When it comes to  indoor planting, it’s out with the watering can and in with the small glass mister. This affordable option from Walmart will make any plant lover swoon. We also love this beautiful ceramic mister from Indigo. Not only are they aesthetically appealing enough to earn a spot on the windowsill, but they’re also practical. 

For the Scientific Planter

If you’ve got a really dedicated plant pro in your life, a handy soil tester can be used to test soil moisture, pH value, and sunlight level.This 3-in-1 gadget from The Home Depot will do the trick. 

For the Decorative Planter

If you’re looking to splurge a little, miniature fountains are a popular amenity for any garden. The pleasant flow of water helps block background noise and enhance the peacefulness of your outdoor or indoor space. Most miniature versions are self-sufficient and come with an electric pump inside that recycles the water, like this leaves tabletop water fountain from Big Lots,  which makes for an enchanting garden accent. For more options at stores near you, search for “fountains” on Flipp.

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