With the start of a new season, stores look to clear out their inventory to make way for new items — but which items should we keep an eye out for? We have the inside scoop. Check out our guide on the best items to buy in June.

Swimwear and Accessories 

The sun is shining, and you’re probably eager to catch a few rays. Make sure you’re prepared with a new look and the latest deals on swimwear from stores like Target and Walmart. Other retailers tend to follow suit, so make sure to search for swimwear on Flipp to browse the latest deals. You’ll also notice cute handbags, sandals, and hats on sale, making this the perfect time to put together your ideal beach outfit. Treat yourself!

Father’s Day Gifts 

We can’t forget that June is the month we remind Dad (and all those strong male figures in our lives) how much they mean to us. Father’s Day falls on June 20 this year so make sure you are prepared. From power tools to sporting goods, you should have no problem finding great deals at stores like Home Depot and Ace Hardware.

Spring Apparel 

We know what you’re thinking…you’re ready to leave chilly days behind and bask in the summer heat. Why would you even bother shopping for spring apparel? Two words: clearance sales. Stores want to make way for their new summer collections, and in order to do that, spring apparel goes on sale. As a savvy shopper, you’ll know that staple items like pants and hoodies are needed year round, so you might as well get them at a reduced price. Not only that, but spring apparel can be great for a night out or if you’re going to an air-conditioned place where it might get chilly.

Activewear and Fitness Equipment 

Feeling motivated to accomplish your health and fitness goals this summer? You’re in luck because activewear and fitness equipment will be plentiful. From yoga mats to weights, running shoes to fitness trackers, gear up with great deals.

Outdoor Gear

If you’re thinking about planning a camping trip this summer, take advantage of June savings. June is the best month to find discounted prices on camping gear. Additionally, with Father’s Day falling in June, stores tend to discount outdoor gear more heavily.

Grill Accessories 

It’s a great time to buy grill accessories. Whether you’re looking for a meat thermometer, tongs, or a grill scraper, you should be able to find some great savings to let the town know that there’s a new grill master in town. If you’re looking into buying a new grill, check out our BBQ Grill Buying Guide to learn which type is right for you.

What to Buy in June

Now that you know what to buy in June we hope you’re ready to enjoy your summer. Don’t forget to use the Flipp app to get the perfect Father’s Day gift and to find even more savings at stores near you. What will you be buying in June? Leave a comment below.

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