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From Candy to Parties: Tips to Save You More This Halloween

From Candy to Parties: Tips to Save You More This Halloween

September 27, 2019

In 2018, Americans spent an average of $90 per person on Halloween, according to the National Retail Federation. This included everything from candy to decorations and costumes. Now, what if we told you that you could spend just $10 per person without compromising on quality? 

We asked our Flipp Savings Expert and mother of six, Lauren Greutman, to share her favorite Halloween shopping tips and tricks, so you can save like a pro, too. All it takes is a little planning!

Tips for Saving on Costumes

Halloween-branded stores are typically more expensive. You can and should rely on big box stores like Walmart and Target to find lower prices. If you plan ahead, you can save even more by DIY-ing your costumes with items from the dollar store. Lauren recommends browsing the Dollar Tree weekly ad on Flipp for inspiration and discounts. Hunt through the crafts section for things like feather boas and fairy wings to create your costume. Don’t forget to look for things that you already have at home that you can re-use or create into something else - for example, a dish towel can easily be made into a cowboy vest. The key is to think creatively — and if you need some inspiration, hop on over to Pinterest for a little help!

Tips for Saving on Candy

For the seasoned Savings Fanatic, saving money on candy can be easy. But what you might not know is that you should start looking for deals earlier than you think. According to Lauren, candy is cheapest two weeks before Halloween, since that’s when stores start putting it on sale. You should keep an eye on the weekly ads. You can also match coupons with sales at drug stores like CVS and Rite Aid. They have great candy deals around Halloween which include giving you cash back coupons to use on your next transaction.

Tips for Saving on Parties

Let’s talk decorations and activities. If you’re planning a party for your neighborhood or kid’s school, it’s possible to do it under $40. Stick to the dollar store for decorations, and opt for items that can be reused from year-to-year. If you’re a planner like Lauren is, purchase larger blow up items and decor after Halloween to use next year. For party activities like pumpkin decorating, she recommends driving around and purchasing pumpkins at local homes that have them out for sale. You will save a lot of money and get a larger pumpkin by buying local. It’s also a nice way to get to know your neighbors.  

Last on the party checklist is food. If you’re on a tight budget, tell everyone to bring a dish to pass. This is very common for Halloween parties, so don’t feel like you’re asking too much of your guests. You can also save on food by making your shopping list on Flipp. Then, you can compare prices across stores to find the best deals, while sticking to a menu. Not only will this save you money, but also a lot of time!

Tips for Saving on Activities

October is also about fall events and haunted houses, which if not planned for, can get expensive. Some simple ways to enjoy the change in season while saving money is to watch for local harvest festivals. These days are usually discounted and have free activities for the kids, making it a great thing to do without having to spend money. If haunted houses are more up your alley, see if you can get a group of people together and ask for a group rate. This may make you wrangle 15-20 people together, but hey, isn’t it better than going to a haunted house alone? 

We hope you’re ready to start planning for the spookiest time of the year, all while saving money. Don’t forget, Flipp has all your favorite weekly ads to help you save this season, too! 

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Lauren Greutman
Lauren Greutman

Lauren Greutman is a consumer savings expert. You can find more of her tips at www.laurengreutman.com.