Are you looking for a thoughtful gift for that special father figure in your life? Whether he likes to cook, spend time outdoors, learn new skills, or relax in front of the TV, consider this your go-to gift guide for him on his special day. 

For the outdoorsy dad

  • Portable Speakers: Be sure to get one that not only has great sound quality, but is small enough to throw into a bag, giving him a way to play his favorite tunes during a picnic, beach day, or bbq session.
  • Swiss Army Knife: Whether it’s used to open a cold drink on a camping trip or cut a piece of twine with its attached mini scissors, these multipurpose knives come in handy for a whole host of outdoor activities. 
  • Insulated Bottle/Tumbler: Whether he likes his beverages cold for those hot summer days or warm for those chilly winter evenings, this gift works all year round. 

For the indoor dad

  • Sleep Aid Device: After a long day at work, your dad deserves a good night’s rest! This device will help Dad fall asleep faster and easier with a guided breathing exercise. Any sleep-deprived dad (wait, that’s redundant!) will appreciate it.
  • Master Class Gift Card: This is a great option so he can do the cooking class he always wanted to try or finally learn how to play the guitar. If he says he never has the time, a gift like this lets him learn from pros like Gordon Ramsay and Carlos Santana on his own schedule.
  • Tool Kit: For a dad that doubles as a handyman, a good tool kit will help him solve every fix-it problem. Choose from multiple options on sale on the Flipp app.

For the culinary dad 

  • Cookbooks: The best part about this gift is that it works for any type of at-home cook. Whether he has just started experimenting with new dishes in the kitchen or reached the intermediary chef level and looking to up his game, you can find something that is both personal and practical. Customize your picks to the type of cuisine your dad is most interested in learning.
  • Air Fryer: This is the gift of guilt-free eating! This one is on the slightly pricey side but this fan-favorite cooking device is a perfect choice to help your dad make delicious and not to mention healthier choices. Pair it with a cookbook (or two!) for an incredibly thoughtful gift.
  • Mini Indoor Grill: Who doesn’t love a good bbq? With this one, your dad can hold on to his grill master title all year round. These smokeless grills will allow him to prepare those tasty grilled treats even in winter. Check out our Instagram page @getflipp now for a chance to win one of these handy devices! The giveaway starts on June 14th and ends on June 16th at 11:59 ET.

For the health-conscious dad

  • Fitbit: This handy gadget will help your dad monitor his heart rate, steps, calories burned, and sleep stats on a daily basis. His workout activity data is also automatically recorded and syncs with an app, so he knows when to change up his exercise routine and is motivated to stick to his wellness goals.
  • Handheld Massager: A handheld massager will help his post workout recovery tremendously by helping to relieve tightness, tension, and knots in seconds. Bonus, he’ll feel like a professional athlete whenever he uses it.
  • Smart Scale: Give your dad a more holistic view of his health by giving him a smart scale. It measures things like weight trend, BMI, body fat percentage, skeletal muscle mass and more, allowing him to track his progress towards his fitness goals.

For the tech dad

  • Tile Sticker: If you usually see your father patting his pockets in a panic looking for his wallet or keys every time he’s leaving the house, get him a Tile Sticker. The simple bluetooth tracker is about the size of a nickel and can stick to anything he’s worried he’ll forget. 
  • Headphones: It’s likely that your dad will want a pair of good-quality headphones just as much as you do. You have several options, from noise cancelling versions to hands-free sets. With a little bit of research and a quick search on Flipp, you can find some premium quality headphones on sale. 
  • Smart Plug: These plugs let dad make any device smart. He’ll be able to turn a regular old lamp on or off from his phone or even set up a schedule for his appliances. With wifi built into the smart plug, it enables remote operation for your devices from anywhere. All he has to do is download an app on his phone, plug it in, and instantly manage any device from his smartphone.

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