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Want to know what our onboarding process is like at Flipp? Samantha D’sa, one of our newest hires, shares her experience of the month-long personalized onboarding process.

“Congratulations and welcome to the Flipp team!” The most important and exciting words I heard this New Year. Starting a new job is always nerve wracking, but starting one during a pandemic…one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. 

After moving to Canada in 2020, amidst a life altering pandemic and a short break to get used to the “new normal” –  I was ready. Ready to be part of a new team, master new processes and take on a new challenge. 

Little did I know what was in store for me when I received a phone call from the hiring manager at Flipp to set up an interview with the Marketing team. I did my due diligence to research the company and its culture thoroughly, and was thrilled to find nothing but rave reviews on Glassdoor and other social media channels. So I thought, why not?

Learning about Flipp’s mission and goals made me want to work there and be a part of the team from just the initial interview. When I got the call that I was in (and did the appropriate Will Smith inspired happy dance), I was hoping for a smooth and supportive experience, but what I didn’t expect was to be welcomed so warmly into the family of Flippers (as we like to call ourselves). 

Enter Flipp’s onboarding program, strategically designed by the company’s People Team to educate new hires on the processes, teams and culture. 

Step # 1: My first day started out with a virtual meeting with Flipp’s Campus & Onboarding Lead, where all the new hires introduced themselves and were informed of the schedule for the day. She then passed it over to a member of the IT team, who got us set up with our accounts, laptops and cell phones. Flipp has the foresight to ship our assets to us prior to our start day, so that we were all set to work from home. The cute Flipp branded goodies were a fun bonus to help me start feeling like a Flipper! 

Step #2: Next came a welcome lunch with my team where I was introduced to the people I would be working with on a day-to-day basis. I have the pleasure of working with five “sheroes” who I learn something new from every day.

Step #3: This was followed by an introduction to payroll & benefits, as well as an overview of Flipp’s history and their diverse and inclusive culture. 

Step #4: Then came Flipp University, a four week program that is held once a week for your  first month at Flipp. The sessions cover all of the different teams at Flipp, what they do, and how everyone works together as “one team.” We got to end the session with an incredibly fun virtual social event with other new joinees (a group of 21 new hires in the first month!) which allowed for a safe space to talk about being new in the virtual world. Connecting in this way completely melted my new job worries away.

In addition to the onboarding sessions with other new hires, I got my very own Coach who enthusiastically organized a number of sessions that have been helping me on a professional and personal level. I also had informal meet-and-greets with other Flippers who I would be  working closely with to make sure I was set up for success. The thing I loved most about my onboarding process was seeing how my Coach and teammates were always available to help, inspire, and keep my spirits up. 

I wasn’t the only “newbie” who felt like she hit the jackpot. Here’s what other new hires had to say about their remote onboarding experience.  

“One would expect it to be difficult to successfully work remotely on a team where you haven’t met anyone in person, but Flipp provided us with all the tools we needed to be successful and connect with my colleagues – whether it was a fun remote welcome lunch with my new team, Slack channels so we can get in touch with the right people, team bonding game time or even social events, the remote onboarding experience has been a great one.” Jennifer Chan, Content Capabilities

“The remote onboarding was great and very thorough. Additionally, coaches/managers are actually invested in your professional growth and development, helping you forge your own career path; which says a lot about the culture of a company.” Jawad Ahmed, Senior Data Scientist.

Marli Mucher, Digital Operations Coordinator, “During these unprecedented times, the Flipp team made starting a new job feel as normal as possible. The training programs were organized and thorough, bringing my group of new hires up to speed as quickly as possible. Despite working remotely, my onboarding experience has felt anything but isolating and it is evident that the culture and camaraderie at Flipp is strong.”

My suggestion to anyone reading this is, if you want to be part of a company with a great culture and to work with bright and engaged people, applying to Flipp is a no-brainer. Work from home or not, they do what it takes to let you know you’re an important member of the team.  

For more information on the open roles at Flipp, check out to apply today. Don’t forget to tell a friend.  

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