Ever wondered what it’s like to work at Flipp or be, as we like to call it, a ‘Flipper? Allow us to welcome you into our world and give you a glimpse of our everyday life.’ We have a unique way of doing things that define who we are and how we work together every day. As a Flipp team member, you are given the chance to play the role of leader, motivator, hustler, coach, creator, and colleague, thanks to our culture being at the heart of everything we do.

You won’t find a group more tight-knit than ours and that’s because we are a team that lives and breathes our cultural values and principles.

So what are these values and principles that make our work environment so unique you ask? 

Garrett Royds, head of the Culture team at Flipp, shares a brief overview.

Let’s dig a little deeper, shall we? Our four cultural values represent the core traits that all Flippers have. We believe in pushing each other to the next level through continuous learning, coaching and maintaining a high growth mindset for ourselves, our company, and our colleagues. Here’s what some of our Flippers have to say about our values:

  • Other Centeredness: Thinking of others before thinking about yourself
    I can always count on my team to lend a hand whenever I need it. Likewise, if someone is having a hectic week, we’ll work together to re-prioritize the week’s tasks and see where I can pitch in.” — Mary Quilao, Intermediate Graphic Designer

  • Hungry: Ambitious, resourceful, and never satisfied with the status quo
    “My manager is one of the hungriest people I know. He is always pushing our team to think outside of the box and even once something is completed, he never stops thinking about ways to improve our work. He constantly challenges the status quo and provides us with the resources we need to push ourselves to the next level.” — Shelby Sher, CX Team Lead

  • Humble: Confident in one’s skills, but knowing there’s always room for improvement
    “Our team has a lot of talented professionals with diverse experiences, who I learn from everyday. If I’ve been working on a particular problem, I always try to gain the input of my team or cross-functional members because they always bring something new to the table. Flipp members are hungry to support one another, even if it’s outside of their day-to-day deliverables. I know they won’t hesitate to share their thoughts and always bring a fresh perspective that I may not have considered.”  — Mohamed Walli, Partner Relationship Manager

  • Highly Intelligent: Adding value…emotionally and intellectually
    “There isn’t a single person I have interacted with, whether within or outside my team, who I haven’t learned something from. You learn something new every day from each person, be it on a personal or professional level, and I absolutely love that!” — Lauren Cavarzan, Talent Sourcer

Our five cultural principles outline the behaviors we exhibit. While working together as one Flipp team, we achieve our objectives and make sure all our team members are fulfilled while doing so. 

  • Help Each Other be Great: Dedicating energy and focus on leveling up fellow teammates, regardless of their seniority, function, or role. Ensuring that all teammates share and receive honest feedback with the intent of growing each other.
    “Our cultural principle to ‘Help Each Other Be Great’ is exactly how I’d explain the value and impact of our coaching structure. It gives you a rare level of psychological safety with your manager and a dedicated growth champion from Day 1. I credit this principle to fostering an environment at Flipp where I’ve been fortunate to grow and develop beyond my expectations.” — Misha Jethva, Director Content Production

  • Work Hard, Celebrate Harder: Recognizing and rewarding team members based on demonstrated results and positive impact to Flipp’s success and culture, in all forms.
    Our product team is filled with smart, hardworking, and passionate individuals that want to make a difference in the lives of our users. This really showed when the team rallied together to launch Flipp’s newest feature, Watch List, in time for Black Friday. Timelines were tight, but it felt amazing being able to release such a major feature for Flipp’s biggest day of the year!” — Moe Kohli, Intermediate Product Designer

  • Have Each Other’s Back: Creating high trust relationships between team members to drive high performance, ensuring that Flipp and individual Flippers achieve their objectives and are supported when doing so.
    “Due to the pandemic, I had to move my wedding to our busiest day of the year, Black Friday. Without even blinking, my directors told me to secure the wedding date and not worry about it. They said we can put together a contingency plan to make sure all those attending would not be on call. When I shared this news with the broader team, everyone was just excited for me and asked how they could help to fill in to make sure things went smoothly while we were away.” — Rachel Lai, Product Manager

  • Act With an Entrepreneurial Spirit: Acting with a relentless drive and hustle to ensure objectives are achieved, regardless of barriers. Having the autonomy and freedom to operate independently with the responsibility and ownership of delivering results.
    “Being able to start and execute my own projects from start to finish gives me a sense of ownership and pride in my work. I’m constantly thinking of new ideas for our social channels and marketing campaigns, and I’m encouraged to try new approaches to take my individual and team goals forward.” — Irene Salamo, Marketing Communications Specialist

  • Raise the Bar: Relentlessly driving towards the best outcome in all situations, allowing healthy conflict to occur in discussions to deliver win-win scenarios wherever possible. Thinking big and taking calculated risks to ensure when we win, we win big.
    “In my previous job, I was constantly concerned about voicing my opinion or putting forward suggestions that might not be taken seriously or well-received if they went against the norm. When I moved to Flipp, from the very first day, I knew my opinion mattered and not only that – it was encouraged. Even if I had a different perspective from my manager, we worked together to find common ground and achieve the best results. This kind of open environment has led to us executing some of the most successful campaigns I’ve led in my career.” — Anita Semerjian, Software Engineer in Test II

Culture is at the heart of everything we do. It helps shape and define who we are as an organization and we are proud to call ourselves Flippers. For more information about our culture, you can check out our culture playbook here. If Flipp and its culture sounds like something you would like to be a part of, check our current job openings on corp.flipp.com.

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