Back to school is here, and you know what that means…back to packing lunches! Now that the season has arrived, it’s time to start rethinking your child’s lunchtime gear. We’ve rounded up the best ideas for eco-friendly lunch gear that your little (and big) kids will love. 

Stainless Steel Lunch Boxes – These boxes are a smart, durable lunch solution that is the perfect safe alternative to plastic. You can even find a Bento-style stainless steel version with different compartments for portion-perfect lunches.

Beeswax Food Storage Wrap – This is another easy and sustainable way to pack snacks for your kids. Beeswax wrap is a natural alternative to the commonly used plastic wrap. Their lightweight flexible design allows you to wrap almost any type of food from fruits and vegetables, to cheese, bread, and more. It’s an easy way to reduce or remove the need for single-use plastics in your kitchen, and not to mention that it keeps food fresh for longer. 

Silicone Reusable Food Bag – Need a place to put a sandwich, bunch of grapes, or a handful of pretzels? Silicone bags are dishwasher and microwave safe and come in various sizes from pocket-sized to half-gallon, in different colors and designs. This sandwich bag is a perfect addition to any kid’s lunch ensemble and is probably available in their favorite color too.

Cotton Napkins – Thrills and spills are all a part of the back-to-school fun and excitement. To save yourself some money, invest in good quality kids’ cotton napkins that you can then rewash and reuse when your little tykes get home. 

Stainless Steel StrawsWe love the different color options when it comes to these reusable straws. You can surprise your child with a different color in their lunchbox every day, and if pinks and purples aren’t really their thing, there are plenty of standard silver options for them as well. Most sets come with a brush straw cleaner. 

Stainless Steel Sport Bottle A large number of these bottles come with a double-lined thermal wall that keeps your child’s favorite drink hot or cold for up to six hours. Bottles that come with spill-resistant sippers make drinking easier for kids of all ages. It’s great for school, camp, or even travel. 

Kids Utensil Set – For those few times that they want to use self-feeding cutlery (and not just their hands) get your child a mealtime set that comes with a fork, spoon, and blunt-edged knife, and miniature cup that comes in its own reusable carrying case.

Now that you’ve got the lunch gear, all you need is to fill them up with easy-to-make lunches. Need some ideas? Stay tuned for easy lunch ideas coming soon to Flipp Tipps!

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