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Eating on the Go: Snacks to Fuel Active Kids

Eating on the Go: Snacks to Fuel Active Kids

July 08, 2019

After what seemed like the longest winter on record, the weather is finally warming up! I couldn’t be happier (hey, I live in Toronto and we’re in serious need of some sun right about now), and neither could my kids. Warmer weather means that my two girls will be out until dark, playing and running around with the neighborhood kids. They’ll also be starting spring and summer sports leagues like soccer and field hockey, so that means they’re going to need some serious snacks to fuel their fun on the go. Looks like my Flipp app is going to be working overtime so I can find all the best prices for my summer groceries!

Got active kids like mine? Here are some of my favorite grab-and-go snacks to fuel kids through their activities:


Frozen grapes

If your kids love popsicles, but you don’t love the fact that they’re just sugar and water, then try frozen grapes! All I do is wash and dry bunches of green or red grapes (I find the smaller the grape, the better it freezes), de-stem them, and freeze them in Ziploc bags. They come out of the freezer creamy and cold and delicious, plus they’re cooling on hot summer days.
Grapes are one of those foods that have been known to give me sticker shock. I mean, my whole family loves them, and when I see some nice-looking ones, I buy a LOT. Let’s face it though, grapes are expensive. I was pretty excited when I used my Flipp app today and found gorgeous red grapes for $1.49 a pound! At those prices, I can afford to freeze a bunch and keep some in the fridge for fresh snacking.



Dates are like nature’s candy, but have the benefits of fiber and vitamins! I absolutely adore them in all sorts of dishes, but really, my favorite way to eat dates is stuffed with almond butter. This snack packs a powerful energy punch and is absolutely perfect for those mid-afternoon sweet cravings! It’s also great for before and after sports, and it’s portable.


Hummus poppers

I loved this idea when I first heard it: stuffing mini bell peppers with hummus!
Fun to eat and easy to transport, these poppers have protein from the hummus, and vitamins from the peppers. If you’re not a hummus fan, stuff peppers with cream cheese, goat cheese, or blue cheese. However you do it, they’re a cute, portable idea that everyone loves.


Homemade trail mix

My kids love making their own personalized trail mixes to take with them whenever we go. It’s also a fun activity for everyone: head to the store and get a variety of ingredients that everyone loves: almonds, dried cherries, raisins, mini M&Ms or chocolate chips, pretzels, dried chickpeas, and anything else that’s a family favorite. I also grab cute little Chinese food take-out boxes from my local dollar store for each person to fill with their snack. Set out all of the ingredients, and let your family get to work, building their own take-out box full of goodies!

FYI: I found wasabi and soy sauce flavored almonds on my Flipp app, $5.99 down from $9.99 for a 16oz pack. Those are another fave of mine! I actually buy them and keep them in my hotel room when I travel, so I’m never at the mercy of the minibar.



You’ve probably had these steamed soybeans in Japanese restaurants, but you can also buy them for your own kitchen! They usually come frozen, and all you need to do is steam them, add some salt, and they’re ready to eat. The carbohydrates in these little beans will give kids tons of energy, and they’re also full of fiber and protein. Edamame in the pods are also really fun for kids to eat, and bonus: they don’t make a mess. You can transport them to games and other activities as well, and they can be eaten easily on the go.

Abby Langer
Abby Langer

Abby Langer RD is a communications and consulting dietitian based in Toronto, Canada. Abby has been a dietitian since 1999, and has recently moved into the media and culinary areas of the profession. She is a regular HuffPost blogger and has been featured in radio, print, and television media in both the US and Canada. Abby also loves to develop recipes and most of all, she loves to eat! She’s an avid kettlebell-lifter and runner, and is always up for trying fun new foods and experiences. Abby lives at home in Toronto with her husband, her two sweet daughters, and her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Sammy.