Want to save some cash without sacrificing the things you love?A few simple swaps can work wonders on your wallet.  We’re sharing a few ideas we love  to help get you started. 

Grocery shop strategically with Flipp

Love it or hate it, grocery shopping is a must for any household, but if you tend to overspend, here’s a tip for you to focus on your grocery list. If you want to know where and when to buy the foods you love without breaking the bank, download Flipp today so we can do all the heavy lifting.  Flipp helps you compare prices and get the best deals on the foods you love and can help you save $45 a week. Cha-ching!  

Shop generic instead of name brand

When you get to the store, opt for generic products instead of branded, as they are often at least 50% cheaper than the name brands and are just as good in terms of quality. 

Buy frozen fruits and vegetables

Frozen veggies like broccoli, peas, and spinach are always cheaper than fresh, and will last a lot longer too. Frozen produce is also always picked and frozen at its peak, meaning they’ll often be better quality than their fresh counterparts. Plus, they’ll last a lot longer in your freezer, and you won’t have to rush to finish eating everything or throwing out food that may spoil before you get to it.

Make your own salad kits

Those prepackaged, perfectly portioned salad kits may be convenient, but if saving is your top priority, swap them for your own salads that you cut and prepare yourself. Trust us, those salad kits are overpriced, and if you make your own, you’ll see your savings add up. 

Skip the drinks

When at a restaurant, try opting for water instead of a $3 soda, or a $5 beer, $7 wine, or $10 mixed drink. Your wallet will thank you! 

Ditch the unused gym membership

Paying for a gym membership that you never use? Take this chance to find another healthy activity that you do enjoy, and save money by ditching that gym membership once and for all. Some cost-effective swaps: check the local recreation or community center for free exercise classes. Try finding free fitness programs on YouTube or subscribe to a much cheaper app subscription or online program that you can follow at home or outdoors.

Buy second hand clothes

Instead of heading to the mall when your closet has you feeling uninspired, consider swapping clothes with those in your community or heading to a second hand store which has a lot of pre-loved merchandise. In a lot of cases people give away or donate things that are almost brand new because it was an impulse buy or an online purchase where the sizing went wrong. This keeps clothes out of the landfill, freshens up your wardrobe, and doesn’t do as much harm to your wallet.

Coffee at home

This is a tried and true money-saving technique that we have all heard, but it bears repeating. Make your morning cup of coffee at home instead of paying way more than you should for a cup of joe at your favorite coffee shop. Want to take it a step further? Swap your coffee pod maker for a traditional coffee maker. Ground coffee is always cheaper and arguably tastier too. Still not convinced? Let’s run some numbers. If you’re spending an average of $3 for a cup of coffee 5 times a week, that’s $15 a week, $60 a month, and $720 a year. 

Avoid convenience

Wash your own car, cut your own fruits and veggies, and clean your own house. You can save a bundle by taking on more chores around the house yourself than outsourcing the tasks. A great way to track these is to make a list of all your expenses through the month and see which ones you can afford to save on by keeping things “in house”.

Pick up your own takeout

It’s easy to pick up the phone to order takeout when you don’t feel like cooking, but a full stomach of takeout can leave your wallet empty. Aside from trying to scale back on your orders every week to save a few extra bucks, swap the delivery option that can come with higher prices and extra fees and just pick it up yourself. If you plan ahead you can even combine a couple of other activities and include this in as well. The quick exercise you get doing this activity is an added bonus!

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