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Easy Apple Nachos

Easy Apple Nachos Recipe

September 02, 2019

Sometimes you just want to indulge in your own personal apple fest without a whole lot of sugar. That’s where these easy apple nacho chips come in! They make the perfect pick-me-up snack, and require hardly any effort. Best of all, you can customize them to your own tastes and preferences. Although I must say, I’m a total chocolate and peanut butter gal myself.

Apple_NachosTo find out where to snag the best price on apples, check your Flipp app for access to all the updated sales flyers in your area. As a frame of reference, my stock up price is less than $1.00 per pound, which if you have an Aldi or Save-A-Lot around, is more than doable.

Ready to see how fast these goodies come together? Let’s get to it!

Ingredients you need:

Step 1
Cut apple into thin slices and arrange on a plate.

Step 2
Warm peanut butter in the microwave until you can easily stir it — about 30-50 seconds, depending on your microwave and the peanut butter you are using. Using a small spatula or spoon, drizzle warm peanut butter over apples.

Step 3
Sprinkle chocolate chips on top.


Like I mentioned before, you can really mix and match different flavors. Use a hazelnut spread, caramel sauce, or white chocolate drizzle in place of the peanut butter. Then add chopped pretzels, toffee bits, granola, or any sort of nut as an alternative topping!

Which combination would you love to try?

Kalyn Brooke is a writer and blogger living in Southwest Florida. She runs the popular lifestyle site, KalynBrooke.com, which inspires women to better manage their time, home, and budget.

Kalyn Brooke
Kalyn Brooke