Does Freshco Price Match? Yes – with their unbeatable Low Price Guarantee, rest assured that you’re getting a fair price for groceries in Canada. Shop with confidence and take advantage of the fantastic savings that await you at FreshCo.

What is price matching?

Price matching, also referred to as a price guarantee, is a practice where a retail location will match the lower advertised price of a competitor — ensuring you always get the best price possible! Thanks to the free Flipp app, you can easily compare prices from different local retailers in one convenient place to make price matching a breeze. 

Price matching is a great way to save money at FreshCo, especially if you keep the tips below in mind..  For more information about price matching, check out our guide How To Save Money With Price Matching.

Price matching at FreshCo

FreshCo is committed to providing you with the best shopping experience and the lowest prices on all of your favorite products by offering a Lowest Price Guarantee.

If you find a lower price on any item FreshCo carries at a competitor within your local store’s geographic area, simply show their current flyer (print or digital ad through Flipp), and they’ll sell you the item for 1¢ less than their advertised price

You might be wondering, does FreshCo price match Metro or does FreshCo price match Walmart? To see which competitors are part of FreshCo’s Price Match program, stop by your local store today. Competitors matched by FreshCo depend on whether there is a competitor store in the same geographical area as your local FreshCo.

Does FreshCo Price Match Sobeys?

According to their Low Price Guarantee policy, it seems that FreshCo does not price match Sobeys. As stated in their policy, price matching is limited to up to four (4) discount competitors in the applicable trade area. For Ontario, this includes No Frills, Food Basics, Real Canadian Superstore, and Walmart. In BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba, price match stores include No Frills, Real Canadian Superstore, Walmart, and Save-On Foods.

To be completely sure, it is recommended to visit your local FreshCo or Chalo! FreshCo store for a list of competitors that are part of the Price Match program near you.

Things to keep in mind when price matching at FreshCo

Now that we’ve answered the question, does FreshCo price match, here are more details to keep in mind. 

  • FreshCo’s Low Price Guarantee applies to identical items (same brand, size, and attributes) or comparable items in the case of private label products. 
  • Eligible price matched purchases are limited to four (4) units of the identical product per customer. 
  • FreshCo reserves the right to determine which supermarket competitors and comparable items qualify for their Lowest Price Guarantee. 

See FreshCo’s Low Price Guarantee policy for more information

By taking advantage of FreshCo’s price matching policy, you can ensure that you’re getting the best possible deal on all your groceries with just a few simple steps. Whether you’re restocking your pantry or trying a new recipe, don’t hesitate to try out price matching and see the savings add up!

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