The best Valentine's Day Gift Ideas Under $50

This year we’re striking hearts, not budgets! If you’re wondering what affordable gifts to buy for Valentine’s Day, we’ve got 15 ideas under $50 that will surely impress without leaving you stressed. Treat your loved one to something special with one of these fun, easy-to-find, and creative options. 

We’ve linked to search results on Flipp to help you find and compare the best prices for the items on this list.

A gourmet meal for a slice of the price with Hello Fresh

Dining out may not be feasible every day, but you can still treat your Valentine to a restaurant-quality meal made fresh at home with a Hello Fresh subscription. Start meal prepping free of stress and treat your significant other to something special.

Wall picture frames to highlight special memories

Find affordable wall picture frames and fill them with your favorite photos of you and your Valentine. This is the perfect, thoughtful gift to commemorate your time together. 

A DIY gift box or basket filled with their favorite treats

Sweeten the deal by taking advantage of all the V-Day chocolate and candy deals to make your very own gift basket. You can find affordable gift boxes at your local dollar store or craft store to package the treats.

A set of mugs that complement each other

What’s cuter than a matching mug set to sip on your favorite warm drinks together? If your Valentine is a tea or coffee lover, there’s no such thing as having too many mugs. This is one of the most affordable gifts and the most useful too.

Flipp a Valentine's Gift Box With Their Favorite Chocolates or Treats

LED candles to set the mood

We’ve all experienced the mood-boosting power of candlelight, but if lighting candles indoors feels a bit unsettling, LED candles are a great alternative. Plus, they’ll never burn out, so you’ll save money too.

A hanging planter to bring nature indoors

Everyone craves a little bit of nature, especially during these cold, winter months. For the plant lovers out there, a hanging planter will be a worthy Valentine’s Day gift to care for their beloved plant babies.

A soft throw blanket to cozy-up together

Make winter movie nights more snuggly with a soft throw blanket that provides a warm embrace. For more cozy winter essentials, check out 20 Affordable At-Home Essentials That’ll Get You Through Winter.

A red wine aerator to enhance their favorite wine

Red wine lovers will truly take advantage of this gift during the season of love. A wine aerator infuses oxygen into the wine to release its aroma and enhance its flavor, letting you enjoy red wine the way it’s meant to be.

A hand-picked mix of coffees and teas so they never get bored

We’ve all seen those fancy boxes of coffee and tea variety flavors — so why not DIY your own variety pack by taking advantage of great deals on coffee and tea from your local stores? Place them in a themed gift box for the best presentation.

A custom-printed gift that’s uniquely theirs

From custom notebooks to calendars, mugs, and more. Staples’ print shop makes it easy to personalize the ideal Valentine’s Day gift. Visit or to create your unique designs.

Waterproof Bluetooth speakers to jam anywhere, anytime

Is your loved one a fan of singing in the shower? Help them follow their dreams with a waterproof speaker that won’t hold them back.

A soft and plush hoodie so they never take yours again

Ok, we can’t guarantee they’ll never ask again, but we can surely suggest where to find a comfy hoodie at a great price! 

Spread the joy of baking with a cookie press

There’s no better time to bond than when you’re baking sweet treats together. If you live for the love of baking, a cookie press will help you create perfectly-shaped cookies that’ll surely impress. Put it to the test with this recipe for Valentine’s Day Oreo cheesecake cookies.

Pass the winter months with fun board games

Board games can be affordable gifts and they’re a great way to pass the time with loved ones, especially during chilly months when we tend to spend more time indoors.

Promote self-care with a facial roller

Gua sha massagers and facial rollers have become increasingly popular and are great for increasing circulation and reducing facial puffiness — a great self-care gift for your special person.

A handy belt for the love of running

This season of love, give your fitness lover a running belt to keep them organized and comfortable during their runs.

With these affordable gifts, you can treat your Valentine to something special and stay within your budget. Remember to visit and the Flipp app for more great deals on gifts, sweets, and more!

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