Pantry Organization Tips on a Budget

Is your pantry a disaster from stocking up on great deals? Is it difficult to find what you are looking for? Are you buying food that you don’t need because it’s getting lost in the black hole that is your pantry? We are here to help with these pantry organization tips on a budget.

First things first, head to your local dollar store(s) to pick up some low-cost storage containers or find deals from home & garden savings on Flipp. Try to buy matching containers, jars, and baskets in similar sizes to maintain consistency within your pantry.

What to Buy to Get you Started:

  1. Glass jars & storage bins
  2. Baskets
  3. Lazy Susans
  4. Extra shelving or wall hangers
  5. Wire baskets
  6. Stickers or chalk labels

Once you have what you need for your pantry makeover, start by emptying out all your shelves and going through what you’ve got. Throw out anything that’s expired, research ways to donate items that you won’t eat, and group the items you are keeping by category.

Glass Jars & Storage Bins

For a unified pantry look, start using glass jars and storage bins to store your food. Not only will it look like you’ve given your kitchen an upgrade, but this will allow you to store your items more compactly, while keeping items fresher for longer. Make sure to label them accordingly so everyone in the house knows what’s available.


Baskets allow you to group like items together in a clean and compact way. They are perfect for organizing similar types of food. Also, seeing everything in front of you makes it easier to plan for your next shopping trip. Make sure you’re using your shopping list on Flipp to easily keep track while we find the best deals for you.

Lazy Susans

Do you have so much in your pantry that you can’t see everything? Don’t let your pantry items get buried and forgotten. Instead, add a Lazy Susan (or two) so you can neatly see and quickly spin your items around to see what you have available.

Pro Tip: group like items together on Lazy Susans for ultimate organization. For example, condiments, oils, salad dressings, etc.

Extra Shelving or Wall Hangers

Save counter space and add a little character to your pantry walls and doors by adding shelves or wall hangers. These can be great to store spices and other smaller items.

Wire Baskets

Wire baskets are a great way to keep canned goods under control in your pantry and clearly see what you have at a quick glance.

Stickers & Labels

Never struggle with finding what you’re looking for ever again. Get creative (and extra Type-A) with stickers or chalk labels to add to all your jars and bins. Not only does this keep you organized, but will add style and personality to your space.

We hope you found these pantry organization tips helpful. Tag us in your photos of your new and improved pantries on Facebook & Instagram, because who doesn’t love admiring a freshly organized pantry?

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