Can you feel it? The approaching sweet summer warmth, and the excitement of not having to shovel snow for much longer (if at all). Spring has sprung and it’s time to say goodbye to the winter blues…lock them up and make them a distant memory. The spring season signifies change, and to get you started, we’ve identified 10 essential items to start the season right. 

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Air Purifier 

Spring for many is that time of the year when allergies are in their full-blown state. Sneezing, itchy throat, runny nose, watery eyes. Sounds familiar? Having an air purifier can be a big help in filtering out things like dust, debris, and other allergy-exasperating particles to improve your overall air quality.


Yes, we said it. This may seem basic, but trust us, it’s the one “basic” thing people often forget. And you don’t wanna be caught in the rain (which the spring weather has plenty in store for us) without one. And by the way, make sure you get a good umbrella, you know the one that doesn’t turn inside out when the wind blows or suddenly gets crooked after walking in the rain for five minutes, that one.

Garment Rack

Spring calls for a change in wardrobe. Swapping heavy winter jackets for lighter ones, and winter boots for more stylish footwear. Display your spring wardrobe essentials on a garment rack to make planning your outfits for the day easier. With daylight savings time taking us forward an hour, anything to save you time in the morning is a must. 


Let’s be honest! We secretly wait for spring every year to show off our sweaters. No more clunky coats hiding all your pretty clothes. Especially in early spring days that can still feel a bit cool and breezy, sweaters are the perfect combination of cozy and style. Good quality sweaters in your spring wardrobe can change the game.

Outdoor Table and Chair

Setting up your own backyard or patio sanctuary seems like the ultimate spring “to do.” Think cozy, outdoor lounging space. Visit the Home & Garden section on Flipp to start planning for your outdoor oasis today.

 Outdoor Table Setting

Table Runners and Kitchen Towels 

When it comes to essentials for the home, you want to make a statement with minimal effort and cost. An easy and affordable way to do that is to switch out your table runners and kitchen towels. You’ll be surprised how big a difference these little tweaks make! For more ideas on redecorating your home for spring on a budget, check out our post, 5 Simple and Affordable Ways to Refresh Your Home for Spring.


Flowers add that needed colorful element to your home during spring. Not to mention personality, newness, and freshness to your home. Make sure you have a vase to showcase your favorite ones all season long.   

Skincare Essentials

With warmer temperatures and humidity making their debut, it’s important to help your skin transition seamlessly with a few essential skincare products. A lightweight moisturizer and gel-based facial cleanser are crucial as the weather gets warmer. Sunscreen is also a must, regardless of the season, but even more so in the spring when the UV index rises. Visit the Pharmacy section on Flipp to see a range of affordable skincare products.

Rake and Yard Waste Bags

As much as we love spring, it also comes with some work, and it’s important to be ready with the right tools. All the fallen leaves, dead grass, and tach from the winter can be removed using a rake to prepare your lawn for the new growth. Don’t forget to get some sturdy yard waste bags to make sure you’re disposing of all the leaves and twigs correctly.

Lawn Mower

If you’re a homeowner with a luscious lawn, a lawn mower is the ultimate time-saver, helping you cut down your whole lawn and tougher grass in the shortest time possible. If you’ve been putting off this essential purchase, now’s your chance to do so, as many home hardware stores will have fresh inventory and loads of options for every budget.

It may seem like there is lots to do in preparation for the new season, but don’t worry. Flipp is here to make finding and saving on all your spring essentials easier than ever. Did we miss anything on our list? Let us know in the comments section below.

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