Halloween is officially over, which means…time to put up the holiday decorations! Decorating your home for the holidays doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. We’ve compiled some of our favorite cost-effective ways to decorate for the holidays on a budget.

1. Use what you have 

With Christmas decorations being tucked away in boxes for most of the year, it’s easy to forget everything that you already have. Before you go to the store and start purchasing new decorative items, see what you already have and make a shopping list on Flipp with additional items you may need. 

2. Browse for decorations at thrift stores 

As they say, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, so don’t discount thrift stores this holiday season. You will be surprised by how many hidden gems or rustic antiques you can find at the thrift store. Sometimes all a previously loved item needs is a little TLC and sprucing up to be the star of the show. To make them look new again, while adding your own flair, take out your crafting supplies and get creative.  

3. Shop at your local dollar stores 

We are always pleasantly surprised with items that can be found at the dollar store, no matter the season or occasion. Before shopping at pricier retail locations, be sure to head to your local dollar store first to see what’s available. Dollar stores stock many different types of decorative holiday items and craft supplies in case you’re feeling creative and want to get your DIY game on. Check out this blog from Cool DIY Ideas for inspiration on different holiday decorations you can put together with items from the dollar store. 

Flipp app showing deals for Christmas trees and lights

4. Grab some spray paint 

Spray paint is a great tool for transforming vases, bowls, or other decorative items you have lying around the house. A quick spray of shimmery red and gold can easily transform any common item into a holiday ornament. Dust off those old mason jars or pick up items from the backyard that can be spray painted for your holiday DIYs (example: pinecones, twigs). 

5. Keep an eye on craft store sales 

Black Friday is just around the corner, so keep an eye out for craft store sales on supplies or holiday decorations. Be sure to use Flipp’s new Watch List feature to be notified of the best deals in your area. If there are certain key items you are looking for such as Christmas lights, Christmas trees, or stockings, add those to your Watch List. Also, be sure to enter our current contest to win the items in your Watch List (up to $1000). This contest is running until November 30th. 

6. Create homemade mantle arrangements and centerpieces 

Get crafty by putting together your own mantle arrangement or table centerpiece for the holidays. Check out this blog from Around the World Christmas for 30 different holiday centerpiece ideas that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. 

7. Wrap up your picture frames 

An easy and cheap way to bring the holiday spirit into your home is to grab some wrapping paper, bows, and ribbons and wrap some of your picture frames to create a festive mural. Check out this DIY video by Hometalk for some inspiration. This is an easy decorating idea that will make a huge impact with little effort. Plus, the kids can help out, too! 

8. Knit a new throw blanket or pillow covers to match your holiday theme 

Did you pick up knitting during quarantine too? If so, why not decorate your living room to match your holiday theme and colors with a new hand-knit throw blanket or pillow cover? This will bring in some extra coziness and comfort into your home during the chilly winter months. 

9. Make your own Christmas wreath 

Making your own DIY Christmas wreath is an easy project that can be put together with simple craft items found at the dollar store. Grab your wreath supplies and a glue gun to create a holiday wreath for your front door by adding your own personal touches and flair. Pinterest is filled with lots of easy DIY wreath ideas. 

10. Decorate your tree with homemade decorations 

If you have young children at home and aren’t too picky about how your Christmas tree is decorated, fill it with homemade decorations from over the years. Set up a craft station and dedicate your next quiet Sunday to making some homemade decorations with the kids. Get the adults involved too. These homemade, personalized items will give your tree extra character and personality. 

As always, remember to head over to the Flipp app to find the best savings and deals on holiday decor and anything you and your family need this season. We hope you found this helpful and wish you a wonderful holiday season ahead with your loved ones. 

Happy Holidays!

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