Are you a student looking for a Summer 2021 co-op placement? Do you love working in a fast-paced, innovative and supportive work environment? If so…we have some good news for you. Flipp is hiring co-op students across various departments for the Summer Term (May-August). 

We’re sharing our top ten reasons why Flipp should be on your list this recruiting season. 

  1. Our award-winning culture 

Even through a pandemic, Flipp was awarded one of Canada’s Most Admired Corporate Cultures. That’s because our culture is woven into everything we do. We are a team of highly intelligent, hard-working and creative individuals that help each other be great each and every day. If you want to be a part of a team that has each other’s backs while making a difference, then Flipp is the place for you. 

  1. A mission we proudly stand behind 

At Flipp, our mission is to help shoppers provide for their families by making life more affordable and we take a lot of pride in bringing that mission to life.  We love coming to work every day to bring our consumers the best savings and deals content on essential items and help make a positive impact on their lives. 

  1. Impactful & meaningful work 

At Flipp, a good idea is a good idea — no matter where it comes from. We encourage and empower our co-op and PEY students to jump right in and share their unique ideas and experiences. We value the fresh perspective that students bring to the team and we strive to provide you with challenging and impactful work to make your experience at Flipp as memorable and rewarding as possible.

  1. Learning & development opportunities 

Our robust co-op program offers students various learning & development opportunities such as: Flipp University, High Energy Training, Flipp Talks, Lunch & Learns, skill development workshops and so much more! 

  1. We prepare you for the future 

As part of our co-op program and in an effort to prepare you for the future, we provide you with real-world experience in your desired field as well as a resume/LinkedIn workshop and an interview tips & tricks session with our amazing Talent Team.

  1. Coaching & mentorship 

From day one, every team member at Flipp (whether co-op or full-time) is paired up with their very own coach to help them navigate their career by providing personal and professional development. Your coach helps identify the goals that you wish to accomplish during your term and helps you see those goals through to fruition.

  1. Remote work to keep you safe 

Our internships are fully remote to ensure the safety of all of our Flippers through the Coronavirus pandemic. Our team has successfully adapted to the virtual world and we stay connected as a team through frequent communication, video chats, team check-ins and virtual events. The office will become available once it is deemed safe for employees to enjoy, if they wish, but you will not be obligated to be in-office at all during your work term.

  1. We are dedicated to your success 

Our ultimate goal for our co-op program at Flipp is to bring our co-op students back for full-time employment once they complete their education. Through surveys and information collection we do our best to stay in touch and keep you in mind for future roles. 

Here are some of our awesome students who came back for full-time employment at Flipp: 

Muhammed Anwar, Data Scientist
Kassy Kropka, Talent Manager
Rachel Lai, Product Manager
Sonja Katanic, Creative Producer
  1. Volunteer cross-functionally with our social committees 

Flipp has various volunteer committees that you can get involved with during your term, which will provide you the opportunity to meet and work with various Flippers across the organization and make a big impact. Our volunteer teams include: social, diversity & inclusion, outreach, culture and eco. We encourage our students to get involved and make the most of their Flipp experience.

  1. We make wellness a priority  

We are a team that genuinely cares about the well-being of our people. We promote wellbeing inside and outside the workplace to help you bring your full self to work. We have various programs and benefits at Flipp to help you keep your mental health a top priority. This includes flexible working conditions, our Wellness Wednesday fitness sessions, Wellness Calendar with daily activities and mental health tips. 

These are just a few of the reasons that Flipp should be at the top of your wish list, but don’t take our word for it. Hear directly from some of our previous co-op students about their co-op experience at Flipp: 

For more information about Flipp, our award winning company culture & our internship program, check out We hope to see you as one of the newest members of the Flipp family this Summer term! 

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